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    • しんしんえいがかんとく新進映画監督
    • はインタビューに答え、作品の
    • かぎ
    • となる少数民族の文化・風習を
    • えが描く
    • にあたっては専門家による検証が欠かせなかったと述べ、特に言語については「
    • とうだいずいいち当代随一
    • の言語学者より
    • ごきょうじご教示
    • いただいたことが大きかった」と
    • せいさくひわ制作秘話
    • を語った。
    In an interview, the up-and-coming film director said that when portraying the culture and customs of an ethnic minority which were key to his film, their verification by an expert was essential. She particularly mentioned that, as for their language, “the guidance we received from one of the foremost linguists of our time was valuable,” sharing a behind-the-scenes story. Jreibun
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