Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an iOS or Android app for Jisho?

No, Jisho exists only as this website.

We would love to make an app, but do not have the time or resources at the moment. However, there are applications from other developers that use the same data that Jisho uses. Here's a few examples:

How do I suggest new words?

The main word dictionary in Jisho is based on data from the JMdict project. Any new words or updated entries in their database will also show up on Jisho. You can suggest new entries to JMdict here here. But please have a look at their editorial policy before submitting new words.

I found an error. How can I fix it or report it?

Oops! No dictionary is perfect, and once in a while you might come across something that needs fixing. The good thing is that a lot of the data in Jisho comes from open source projects that you can submit corrections to.

Errors in a word

Just like suggesting new words, you can make edits to words directly on the JMdict project website. To get the link to edit a specific entry, click on the “Links” menu to the left of the entry on Jisho, then click on “Edit in JMdict”. Before submitting a correction, please take a look at JMdict’s editorial policy.

If the Jisho entry does not have an “Edit in JMdict” link then you can email Jisho about the error at jisho.org@gmail.com.

Errors in a kanji

Kanji information in Jisho comes from the Kanjidic2 project. If you find an error with a kanji, such as a wrong reading or meaning, you can email the project maintainer Jim Breen at jimbreen@gmail.com.

If you find an error with the stroke order animation or the example words for a kanji then please email Jisho at jisho.org@gmail.com.

Errors in a sentence

Examples sentences comes from the Tatoeba project. You can submit corrections to the Japanese or English directly on the Tatoeba site by clicking on the “Tatoeba” link at the bottom right of the sentence entry on Jisho.

If you don't see a link to Tatoeba next to the sentence, or the error is with the furigana on the sentence then please email Jisho at jisho.org@gmail.com.

Any other error, or if you’re not sure which project the error belongs to

Email Jisho at jisho.org@gmail.com and include as much information as possible about the error. Please also include a link to the page where you saw the error, and if possible also include a screenshot.

How can I delete my account?

Please email us at jisho.org@gmail.com from the email address you used to register the account and ask for your account to be closed.

Can I help with Jisho in any way?

Thank you for offering! Unfortunately we have very little time to devote to Jisho, and that includes coordinating volunteer help. So at this time we are not looking for any help with the development. If you wish you can get involved in the projects that Jisho relies on for its data. You can read about them on the About page.