6 strokes
pig snout 彐 (彑)
hit, right, appropriate, himself
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2
JLPT level N3
91 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 当 【トウ】 this, our, the ... in question, the said ..., right, justice, fairness
  • 当確 【トウカク】 projected to win, sure to be elected, home free
  • 順当 【ジュントウ】 proper, right, reasonable
  • 過当 【カトウ】 excessive, exorbitant

Kun reading compounds

  • 当たる 【あたる】 to be hit, to strike, to touch, to be in contact, to be affixed, to be equivalent to, to be applicable, to apply to, to be right on the money (of a prediction, criticism, etc.), to be selected (in a lottery, etc.), to win, to be successful, to go well, to be a hit, to face, to confront, to lie (in the direction of), to undertake, to be assigned, to be stricken (by food poisoning, heat, etc.), to be afflicted, to be called on (e.g. by a teacher), to treat (esp. harshly), to lash out at, to be unnecessary, to be hitting well, to be on a hitting streak, to feel a bite (in fishing), (of fruit, etc.) to be bruised, to spoil, to feel (something) out, to probe into, to check (i.e. by comparison), to shave, to be a relative of a person, to be a ... in relation to ..., to stand in a relationship
  • 当たるも八卦当たらぬも八卦 【あたるもはっけあたらぬもはっけ】 a prediction may or may not come true, only god knows what will happen
  • 当たり 【あたり】 hit, success, guess, prediction, affability, friendliness, sensation, touch, bruise (on fruit), situation in which a stone or chain of stones may be captured on the next move, bite (of a fish on a hook), strike, per, each
  • 当たり前 【あたりまえ】 natural, reasonable, obvious, usual, common, ordinary, commonplace, the norm
  • 当てる 【あてる】 to hit, to expose, to apply (e.g. patch), to put on, to put against, to hold on, to hold against, to allot, to call on someone (e.g. in class), to guess (an answer), to make a hit (e.g. in a lottery)
  • 当て 【あて】 aim, object, purpose, end, expectations, prospects, hopes, something that can be relied upon, snack served with alcoholic drink, pad, guard, blow, strike, addressed to, per
  • 当てる 【あてる】 to hit, to expose, to apply (e.g. patch), to put on, to put against, to hold on, to hold against, to allot, to call on someone (e.g. in class), to guess (an answer), to make a hit (e.g. in a lottery)
  • 引き当て 【ひきあて】 mortgage, security
  • 額当て 【ひたいあて】 (military) headband with reinforced metal plate, red headband
  • 当に 【まさに】 really (ought to), certainly (should), naturally


Japanese names:
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
dang1, dang4


  • acertar
  • realizarse
  • tocar
  • ganar
  • adivinar


  • golpear
  • direita
  • apropriada
  • ele próprio


  • frapper
  • juste
  • approprié
  • lui-même
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