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1. demon; devil; evil spirit; evil influence
  • かぶしきしじょう株式市場
  • いちば市場
  • よく
  • 言われる
  • The stock market is often called a dangerous one.
Noun - used as a suffix
2. someone who (habitually) performs some (negative) actSee also 覗き魔
  • まずい
  • また
  • ちこく遅刻
  • !!
  • はやくも
  • ちこく遅刻
  • いみょう異名
  • とって
  • しまう
  • Oh no! I'm late again!! I'm going to get the nickname 'King of Late arrival'.
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1. just; right; due (east)See also 真上 まうえ
2. pure; genuine; trueSee also 真っ白 まっしろ
3. truthSee also 真に受ける
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1. for realAbbreviation, Slang, See also マジ
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1. just (e.g. "just wait here"); come now; now, nowwhen urging or consoling
2. tolerably; passably; moderately; reasonably; fairly; rather; somewhat
3. well...; I think...; it would seem...; you might say...; Hmmm, I guess so...when hesitating to express an opinion
4. oh!; oh dear!; oh, my!; wow!; goodness gracious!; good heavens!Female term or language
Wikipedia definition
5. Ma (kana)ま, in hiragana, or マ in katakana, is one of the Japanese ... Read more
Other forms
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Adverbial noun, Temporal noun
1. every day
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2. Every Single Day (band)Every Single Day, is a popular all male band from South K... Read more
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1. window
Wikipedia definition
2. WindowA window is a transparent or translucent opening in a wal... Read more
Other forms
窗 【まど】牖 【まど】
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1. fountain pen
Wikipedia definition
2. Fountain penA fountain pen is a nib pen that, unlike its predecessor ... Read more
Other forms
万年筆 【まんねんぴつ】万年筆 【まんねんふで】
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1. cartoon; comic; comic strip; manga
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2. ComicsA comic (from the Greek κωμικός, kōmikos "of or pertainin... Read more
Other forms
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1. festival; feastSee also お祭り
2. harassment by an Internet pitchfork mob; online shaming; flamingColloquialism
Noun - used as a suffix
3. galore (as in "goals galore"); frenzy; maniaColloquialism
Wikipedia definition
4. Japanese festivalsJapanese festivals are traditional festive occasions. Som... Read more
Other forms
祭 【まつり】
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1. legume (esp. edible legumes or their seeds, such as beans, peas, pulses, etc.); beans; peas
  • 飲む
  • ぶん分だけ
  • まめ
  • ロースト
  • して
  • ミル
  • 挽く
  • んです
  • We roast just enough beans for the amount we're going to drink, and grind them in the coffee mill.
2. soya bean (Glycine max); soybean; soySee also 大豆
3. female genitalia (esp. the clitoris)Colloquialism
4. kidneyFood term, Colloquialism, Usually written using kana alone
Noun - used as a prefix
5. miniature; tiny
6. child
Wikipedia definition
7. BeanBean is a common name for large plant seeds of several ge... Read more
Other forms
荳 【まめ】菽 【まめ】マメ
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Godan verb with tsu ending, Transitive verb, intransitive verb
1. to waitOnly applies to 待つ
2. to await; to look forward to; to anticipate
3. to depend on; to needusu. in negative form
Other forms
俟つ 【まつ】
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1. town; block; neighbourhood; neighborhoodesp. 町
  • まち
  • いちめん一面
  • すっぽり
  • ゆき
  • かぶった
  • Snow completely covered the town.
2. downtown; main streetOnly applies to 街
  • ニューヨーク
  • ばん
  • まち
  • ぎんざ銀座
  • ひかく比較
  • される
  • New York's Fifth Avenue is comparable to Ginza.
3. street; road
4. 109.09 mOnly applies to 町, Only applies to ちょう
5. 0.99 hectaresOnly applies to 町, Only applies to ちょう
Other forms
街 【まち】町 【ちょう】
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Adverb, Conjunction, Prefix
1. again; and; also; still (doing something)Usually written using kana alone
Other forms
亦 【また】復 【また】
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Adverbial noun, Temporal noun
1. every morning
Other forms
毎朝 【まいちょう】
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Temporal noun
1. every year; yearly; annually
Other forms
毎年 【まいねん】
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Adverbial noun, Temporal noun
1. every week
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1. round; circular; spherical丸い usu. refers to ball-shaped, and 円い to disc-shaped objects
  • ちきゅう地球
  • まる丸い
  • しん信じていた
  • Columbus believed that the earth was round.
2. curved; smooth
3. harmonious; calm; peaceful; amiable; amicableSee also 丸く収まる
  • かれ
  • ちゅうさい仲裁
  • して
  • そのばその場
  • まる丸く
  • おさ収めた
  • He intervened and settled the matter peacefully for the time being.
Other forms
丸い 【まろい】円い 【まるい】円い 【まろい】
まろい: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage. まろい: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage.
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Godan verb with ru ending, intransitive verb
1. to bend; to curve; to warp; to wind; to twist
  • かぜ
  • 吹かれて
  • 曲がった
  • The tree bent in the wind.
2. to turnSee also 折れる おれる
  • くろぬ黒塗り
  • リムジン
  • キー
  • いう
  • タイヤ
  • おと
  • とともと共に
  • かど
  • 曲がった
  • A black limo rounded the corner with a squeal of tires.
3. to be awry; to be askew; to be crooked
  • ネクタイ
  • まが曲がってる
  • Your tie is crooked.
Other forms
曲る 【まがる】
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9 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 5.
politics, government
On: セイ ショウ
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9 strokes. JLPT N5. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2.
in front, before
Kun: まえ -まえ
On: ゼン
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6 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2.
rice, USA, metre
Kun: こめ よね
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8 strokes. JLPT N5. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 1.
study, learning, science
Kun: まな.ぶ
On: ガク
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