3 strokes
round, full (month), perfection, -ship, pills, make round, roll up, curl up, seduce, explain away
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2
JLPT level N2
542 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 丸 【ガン】 fishball, meatball, pill
  • 丸剤 【ガンザイ】 pill
  • 一丸 【イチガン】 one lump, one body, one group
  • 雷丸 【ライガン】 raigan (Omphalia lapidescens), parasitic fungus which grows on bamboo, used in Chinese medicine

Kun reading compounds

  • 丸 【まる】 circle, entirety, whole, full, complete, money, dough, moola, enclosure inside a castle's walls, soft-shelled turtle, suffix for ship names, suffix for names of people (esp. infants), suffix for names of swords, armour, musical instruments, etc., suffix for names of dogs, horses, etc.
  • 丸い 【まるい】 round, circular, spherical, curved, smooth, harmonious, calm, peaceful, amiable, amicable
  • 本丸 【ほんまる】 inner citadel, core, center, centre, focus, crux
  • 大丸 【だいまる】 Daimaru, Daimaru (Japanese department store chain)
  • 丸める 【まるめる】 to make round, to roll up, to curl up, to seduce, to cajole, to explain away, to round off (a fraction), to shave (one's head), to lump together
  • 丸い 【まるい】 round, circular, spherical, curved, smooth, harmonious, calm, peaceful, amiable, amicable
  • 丸井 【まるい】 Marui, Marui (retailer)


Japanese names:
ま、 わ、 わに
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • redondo
  • circular
  • círculo
  • redondear


  • arredondar
  • cheio
  • mês
  • perfeição
  • -nave
  • pílulas
  • espiral para cima
  • seduzir


  • rond
  • arrondir
  • entier (mois)
  • pilule
  • perfection
  • suffixe des bateaux
  • se pelotonner
  • se rouler en boule
  • séduire
  • justifier
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