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1. dot; spot; point; speck; mark
  • どんな
  • ちい小さな
  • てん
  • でも
  • 見る
  • ことができる
  • I can see the tiniest spot.
2. mark (in an exam, etc.); grade; score; points
  • ごうかく合格
  • した
  • せいと生徒
  • なまえ名前
  • まえ
  • てん
  • つけて
  • くだ下さい
  • Will you put a dot before the names of the successful students?
3. point (in a game); score; goal; run
  • われわれ我々
  • チーム
  • てん
  • リード
  • している
  • Our team is two points ahead.
4. point (in geometry)Mathematics
5. point; aspect; matter; detail; part; respect; way; viewpoint
6. (punctuation) mark (e.g. comma, period, decimal point); dot
  • かのじょ彼女の
  • ギャラリー
  • てん
  • ほど
  • しゅってん出展
  • する
  • I'm going to have two pieces in her gallery.
7. "dot" stroke (in a Chinese character)
8. counter for points, marks, goals, etc.
9. counter for goods, items, articles of clothing, works of art, etc.
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1. dot; point; markUsually written using kana alone
2. tip; gratuityUsually written using kana alone, Kansai dialect, Only applies to ぽち
3. a little; paltry; piddling; mereUsually written using kana alone, Only applies to ぽち, See also ぽっち, often as っぽち
Other forms
点 【ぽつ】
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1. dot; point; markUsually written using kana alone
2. gidayū musicians (in kabuki)Usually written using kana alone, See also 義太夫
Other forms
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1. marks; points; score; grade; runs (baseball)
2. number of items; number of articles
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Godan verb with ku ending, intransitive verb
1. to be lit (e.g. electricity comes on); to be lightedUsually written using kana alone
  • あか灯り
  • ひとばんじゅう一晩中
  • ついている
  • The lights have been burning all night.
2. to catch fireUsually written using kana alone, See also 火がつく, See also 付く つく
  • もくぞうけんちくぶつ木造建築物
  • つき
  • やすい
  • Wooden buildings catch fire easily.
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Godan verb with su ending, Transitive verb
1. to pour; to add (liquid); to serve (drinks)See also 差す さす, esp. 注す
2. to put on (lipstick, etc.); to apply; to colour; to dyeSee also 差す さす, esp. 点す
3. to light (a fire); to burnSee also 差す さす, esp. 点す
Other forms
点す 【さす】
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Noun, Suru verb
1. inspection; examination; checking
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1. face; official stance; public position or attitude (as opposed to private thoughts)See also 本音
  • しょうすうみんぞく少数民族
  • じょせい女性
  • こよう雇用
  • そくしん促進
  • せいさく政策
  • いって
  • たてまえ建前
  • すぎず
  • げんじょう現状
  • マイノリティー
  • しょく
  • 就ける
  • チャンス
  • など
  • ほとんどない
  • Although many pay lip service to the idea of affirmative action, in reality, very few minorities get hired.
2. ceremony for the erection of the framework of a houseOnly applies to 建前, Only applies to 建て前
Other forms
建て前 【たてまえ】立前 【たてまえ】立て前 【たてまえ】
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Adverb, Adverb taking the 'to' particle
1. here and there; little by little; sporadically; scattered in drops
2. dots; spots
Other forms
点点 【てんてん】
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Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
1. to turn on; to switch on; to light upUsually written using kana alone, See also 付ける つける
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Noun, Suru verb
1. raindrops; falling drop of water
  • てんてき点滴
  • いし
  • うがつ
  • Constant dripping wears away a stone.
2. intravenous drip; IV; drip-feedMedicine, etc. term
  • わたし
  • びょういん病院
  • てんてき点滴
  • 受けた
  • I had an intravenous drip in hospital.
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Noun, Suru verb
1. being dotted with; being scattered
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Godan verb with ku ending, intransitive verb
1. to nod; to bow one's head in assent; to agree
Other forms
頷く 【うなづく】肯く 【うなずく】肯く 【うなづく】首肯く 【うなずく】首肯く 【うなづく】点頭く 【うなずく】点頭く 【うなづく】
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Noun, Suru verb
1. switching on and off (of a light); flashing; blinking; flickering
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Noun, Suru verb
1. lighting (a lamp); turning on a lightSee also 消灯
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Noun, Suru verb
1. ignition; lighting; firing; setting off
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Godan verb with ru ending, intransitive verb
1. to be lit (e.g. candle, lamp, light bulb); to be lighted; to be burning
Other forms
灯る 【とぼる】点る 【ともる】点る 【とぼる】燈る 【ともる】燈る 【とぼる】
燈る: Out-dated kanji. 燈る: Out-dated kanji.
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1. unscrupulous business practice of making sales by posing as an inspector and declaring the need for replacement items
  • くれぐれも
  • じょうすいき浄水器
  • あくしつ悪質
  • ほうもんはんばい訪問販売
  • ぎょうしゃ業者
  • むりょう無料
  • てんけんしょうほう点検商法
  • には
  • ごちゅういご注意
  • ください
  • Please exercise every caution against cowboy salesmen of water purifiers and fraudulent-test sales.
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1. Braille
Wikipedia definition
2. BrailleThe Braille system is a method that is widely used by peo... Read more
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9 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2.
spot, point, mark, speck, decimal point
On: テン
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  • 138511
    • たにん他人
    • けってん欠点
    • さがす
    Don't find fault with others. Tatoeba
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