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Godan verb with ku ending, Intransitive verb
1. to be lit (of a lamp, burner, etc.); to catch fire; to ignite; to start burningUsually written using kana alone, See also 付く
  • もくぞうけんちくぶつ木造建築物
  • つき
  • やすい
Wooden buildings catch fire easily.
Godan verb with ku ending, Intransitive verb
2. to be turned on (of a light, appliance, etc.); to come onUsually written using kana alone
  • あか灯り
  • ひとばんじゅう一晩中
  • ついている
The lights have been burning all night.
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9 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2.
spot, point, mark, speck, decimal point
On: テン
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  • 76042
    • くるま
    • いかれる
    • おも思った
    • ころ
    • しゅうてん終点
    • 着きました
    We reached our destination just as I thought the car was going to give up the ghost. Tatoeba
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