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Noun, Noun - used as a suffix
1. coming out; going out; outflow; efflux; rising (of the sun or moon)
2. attending (work); appearing (on stage); one's turn to go on
3. start; beginning
4. origins; background; person (or item) originating from ...; graduate of ...; native of ...; member of ... (lineage)
5. architectural member that projects outward
6. highest point of the stern of a ship
7. amount (comprising something); amount of time or effort required to do somethingUsually written using kana alone, usu. after the -masu stem of a verb as 〜出がある or 〜出がない, etc.
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1. indicates location of action; at; inにて is the formal literary form
  • パーティー
  • なに
  • 着ていた
  • おぼ覚えています
  • Do you remember what Kathy had on at the party?
2. indicates time of action
  • かれ彼ら
  • つぎ次の
  • にちようび日曜日
  • かげつヶ月
  • とうち当地
  • たいざい滞在
  • している
  • ことになる
  • They will have been staying here for two months next Sunday.
3. indicates means of action; cause of effect; by
  • 賭け
  • りつ
  • たい
  • レッズ
  • 勝つ
  • だろう
  • The odds are two-to-one that the Reds win.
4. and then; so
  • んわ電話
  • して
  • みた
  • らしい
  • だけど
  • その
  • んわ電話
  • さき先の
  • あいて相手
  • って
  • もんだい問題
  • だった
  • And so it seems she tried phoning but it's who was on the other end of that phone that was the problem.
5. indicates continuing actionOnly applies to で, See also , alternate form of 〜て used for some verb types
6. indicates certainty, emphasis, etc.Kansai dialect, Only applies to で, See also , at sentence-end
Other forms
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1. train; electric train
Wikipedia definition
2. Electric multiple unitAn electric multiple unit or EMU is a multiple unit train... Read more
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1. electricity
  • この
  • エアコン
  • でんき電気
  • たりょう多量に
  • しょうひ消費
  • する
  • This air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity.
2. (electric) light
  • でんき電気
  • 消す
  • わす忘れないで
  • Don't forget to turn the light off.
Wikipedia definition
3. ElectricityElectricity is the science, engineering, technology and p... Read more
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1. telegram
Wikipedia definition
2. TelegraphyTelegraph is the long-distance transmission of messages w... Read more
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1. tradition; convention
Wikipedia definition
2. TraditionA tradition is a ritual, belief or object passed down wit... Read more
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1. electronPhysics terminology
Noun or verb acting prenominally
2. electronic
  • でんし電子
  • タイプライター
  • あります
  • Do you have an electronic typewriter?
Wikipedia definition
3. ElectronThe electron is a subatomic particle with a negative elem... Read more
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Ichidan verb, intransitive verb
1. to be able (in a position) to do; to be up to the taskUsually written using kana alone
  • もうしわけ申し訳ない
  • けど
  • ながい長居
  • できない
  • んです
  • I'm sorry, I can't stay long.
2. to be ready; to be completedUsually written using kana alone
  • ろんぶん論文
  • できました
  • 」「
  • いや
  • ざんねん残念
  • です
  • まだ
  • 書き
  • 終えていません
  • "Is the essay ready?" "No, I'm sorry. I haven't finished writing it yet."
3. to be made; to be builtUsually written using kana alone
  • あの
  • サッカー
  • ボール
  • ほんもの本物
  • かわ
  • できている
  • That football is made of genuine leather.
4. to be good at; to be permitted (to do)Usually written using kana alone
  • トイレ
  • 借り
  • できます
  • May I use your toilet?
5. to become intimate; to take up (with somebody)Usually written using kana alone
  • あの
  • ふたり二人
  • どうも
  • できている
  • らしい
  • They seem to be in love with each other.
6. to grow; to be raisedUsually written using kana alone
  • オレンジ
  • あたた暖かい
  • くに
  • でき出来る
  • Oranges grow in warm countries.
7. to become pregnantUsually written using kana alone
Other forms
出きる 【できる】出來る 【できる】
出來る: Out-dated kanji.
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Ichidan verb, intransitive verb
1. to leave; to exit; to go out; to come out; to get outAntonym: 入る はいる
  • わたし私の
  • いえ
  • おばけ
  • 出た
  • ほんとう本当
  • It's true that a ghost appeared at my house.
2. to leave (on a journey); to depart; to start out; to set out
  • アメリカ
  • がくせい学生
  • なか
  • には
  • くろう苦労
  • して
  • はたら働き
  • ながら
  • だいがく大学
  • 出る
  • もの
  • おお多い
  • Many American students work their way through the university.
3. to move forward
  • でんわ電話
  • には
  • 出なかった
  • から
  • メール
  • して
  • おきました
  • He didn't answer the phone, so I left him an email.
4. to come to; to get to; to lead to; to reach
5. to appear; to come out; to emerge; to surface; to come forth; to turn up; to be found; to be detected; to be discovered; to be exposed; to show; to be exhibited; to be on display
6. to appear (in print); to be published; to be announced; to be issued; to be listed; to come out
7. to attend; to participate; to take part; to enter (an event); to play in; to perform
8. to be stated; to be expressed; to come up; to be brought up; to be raised
9. to sell
10. to exceed; to go over
11. to stick out; to protrude
12. to break out; to occur; to start; to originate
13. to be produced
14. to come from; to be derived from
15. to be given; to get; to receive; to be offered; to be provided; to be presented; to be submitted; to be handed in; to be turned in; to be paid
16. to answer (phone, door, etc.); to get
17. to assume (an attitude); to act; to behave
18. to pick up (speed, etc.); to gain
19. to flow (e.g. tears); to run; to bleed
20. to graduate
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Ichidan verb, intransitive verb
1. to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing); to leave; to depart; to start; to set out
2. to be about to leave; to be just going out
Other forms
出掛ける 【でかける】
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1. battery; cell
Wikipedia definition
2. Battery (electricity)An electrical battery is one or more electrochemical cell... Read more
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1. electric power
Wikipedia definition
2. Electric powerElectric power is the rate at which electric energy is tr... Read more
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Noun, No-adjective
1. biography; life story
Wikipedia definition
2. BiographyA biography is a detailed description or account of someo... Read more
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1. utility pole; power pole; telephone pole; telegraph pole; lightpole
Wikipedia definition
2. Utility poleA utility pole is a pole used to support overhead power l... Read more
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1. light bulbSee also 白熱電球
Wikipedia definition
2. Incandescent light bulbThe incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incande... Read more
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1. electromagnetic wave; radio wave; reception; signalOnly applies to でんぱ, See also 電磁波
  • かれ彼の
  • けいたいでんわ携帯電話
  • ほか他の
  • でんわ電話
  • ぼうがい妨害
  • する
  • でんぱ電波
  • 出した
  • His mobile phone produced radio emissions that interfered with other phones.
Noun, Na-adjective
2. saying strange thingsSlang, See also 電波な奴, See also 電波系 でんぱけい
Wikipedia definition
3. Radio wavesRadio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation with ... Read more
Other forms
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1. electric current
Wikipedia definition
2. Electric currentElectric current is a flow of electric charge through a m... Read more
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1. tradition; legend; folklore
Wikipedia definition
2. LegendA legend (Latin, legenda, "things to be read") is a narra... Read more
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Kanji — 81 found

5 strokes. JLPT N5. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 1.
exit, leave, go out, come out, put out, protrude
On: シュツ スイ
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5 strokes. JLPT N4. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 1.
rice field, rice paddy
On: デン
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13 strokes. JLPT N5. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2.
On: デン
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6 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 4.
transmit, go along, walk along, follow, report, communicate, legend, tradition
On: デン テン
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Unclassified name
1. De; Des
で 【出】
Family or surname
1. De
Unclassified name
1. Destron
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