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1. cooked riceMale term or language
  • とにかく
  • メシ
  • ・・・
  • いき
  • たい
  • ところ
  • その
  • まえ
  • ようをた用を足す
  • ことにした
  • Anyhow, lunch ... is where I wanted to go but I decided to go to the toilet first.
2. meal; foodMale term or language
3. one's living; livelihoodMale term or language
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4. Steamed riceSteamed rice refers to rice that has been cooked either b... Read more
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1. siblings; brothers and sistersSee also ご兄弟
2. brothers
3. siblings-in-law; brothers-in-law; sisters-in-law
4. mate; friendFamiliar language, Male term or language
Other forms
兄弟 【けいてい】
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1. before oneself; in front of one; nearby
  • てまえ手前
  • ガラスばガラス張りの
  • たてもの建物
  • 薔薇園
  • なんです
  • おんしつ温室
  • になっていて
  • いつも
  • ばら薔薇
  • かんしょう観賞
  • できるようになってる
  • んです
  • The glass fronted building before you is the rose garden. It's a greenhouse so you will always be able to appreciate the roses.
2. a bit before reaching (a location); this side (of a location)
  • あの
  • しんごう信号
  • てまえ手前
  • 降ろして
  • ください
  • Please let me off on this side of that traffic light.
3. one's standpoint; one's appearance; face; honour
4. skill; dexterity; artistry; ingenuity
5. tea-ceremony proceduresSee also 点前 てまえ
6. I; meHumble (kenjougo)
7. youMale term or language, to one's inferior
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8. Lead (leg)Lead refers to which set of legs, left or right, leads or... Read more
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1. I; meMale term or language
  • ぼく
  • スーザン
  • あやま謝ろう
  • でんわ電話
  • した
  • のに
  • かのじょ彼女
  • ときたら
  • いっぽうてき一方的に
  • でんわをき電話を切っ
  • ちゃった
  • んだ
  • I called Susan to apologize to her, but she hung up on me.
2. youused for addressing young boys
  • ぼく
  • だいじょうぶ
  • ?」
  • いわれました
  • 。 「
  • だいじょうぶ
  • こたえました
  • I was asked, "You OK, kid?". I replied, "Fine."
3. manservantSee also しもべ
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1. you; buddy; palMale term or language, Familiar language, also used colloquially by young females
  • あと
  • いちだい一台
  • パソコン
  • こうにゅう購入
  • する
  • きみ
  • あん
  • まったく
  • もんだい問題にならない
  • Your plan to buy another PC is out of the question.
2. monarch; ruler; sovereign; (one's) masterorig. meaning
Other forms
公 【きみ】
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1. youFamiliar language, Male term or language, formerly honorific, now oft. derog. term referring to an equal or inferior
  • おまえお前
  • むすめ
  • おっと
  • しよう
  • You shall be my daughter's husband.
2. presence (of a god, nobleman, etc.)Only applies to おまえ
Other forms
お前 【おまい】お前 【おめー】お前 【おめえ】御前 【おまえ】御前 【おまい】御前 【おめー】御前 【おめえ】
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Godan verb with u ending, Transitive verb
1. to eatMale term or language
  • おなかをすお腹を空かせた
  • その
  • おとこ
  • しょくもつ食物
  • むさぼり
  • 食った
  • The starving man devoured the food.
2. to live; to make a living; to survive
3. to bite; to sting (as insects do)
4. to tease; to torment; to taunt; to make light of; to make fun of
5. to encroach on; to eat into; to consume
6. to defeat a superior; to threaten a position
7. to consume time and-or resources
  • この
  • じぎょう事業
  • かね
  • 食う
  • This job eats money.
8. to receive something (usu. an unfavourable event)Colloquialism
  • しゅじん主人
  • おおめだま大目玉
  • 食った
  • The boss bawled me out.
9. to have sexual relations with a woman, esp. for the first timeMale term or language, Vulgar
Other forms
喰う 【くう】啖う 【くう】
啖う: Out-dated kanji.
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1. I; meMale term or language, rough or arrogant
Other forms
己 【おれ】俺 【おらあ】俺 【おり】
己: Out-dated kanji. おらあ: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage. おり: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage.
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Noun, Suru verb, No-adjective
1. wild; growing wild; living in the wild
2. IArchaism, Male term or language
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1. such things as ...; and ... andused for non-exhaustive lists related to a specific time and place
  • あなた
  • すぐに
  • そこ
  • たべもの食べ物
  • のみもの飲み物
  • たの楽しみ
  • かた
  • わかって
  • くる
  • でしょう
  • You'll soon come to enjoy the food and drink here.
2. the minute (that) ...; no sooner than ...; as soon asSee also や否や, after the dictionary form of a verb
3. be; isKansai dialect, See also
4. o; ohpunctuational exclamation in haiku, renga, etc.
  • これ
  • じゃあ
  • ぼく
  • いっしょう一生
  • けっこん結婚
  • なんて
  • でき出来
  • しない
  • I guess I'm never going to get married.
5. huh; whatinterjection expressing surprise
6. hiMale term or language
7. yes; what?Archaism
8. yes?; no?; is it?; isn't it?Archaism, indicates a question
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9. Ya (kana)や, in hiragana, or ヤ in katakana, is one of the Japanese ... Read more
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1. Lord; SirHonorific or respectful (sonkeigo), Only applies to きょう
  • かべ
  • には
  • ピアノ
  • 向かって
  • すわ座っている
  • アンソニー
  • きょう
  • おお大きな
  • しゃしん写真
  • かかっていました
  • On the wall there was a big picture of Sir Anthony at the piano.
2. state minister (under the ritsuryo system)See also 律令制
3. you (in reference to someone of lower status)Archaism, Male term or language, Honorific or respectful (sonkeigo), Only applies to けい
Other forms
卿 【けい】
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Godan verb with u ending, Transitive verb
1. to giveHonorific or respectful (sonkeigo)
Suffix, Godan verb with u ending
2. to do ...Honorific or respectful (sonkeigo), See also 給え, after the -masu stem of a verb
Other forms
賜う 【たまう】
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1. you (plural); all of you; you allFamiliar language, Male term or language, also used colloquially by young females
Other forms
君達 【きみたち】
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1. weMale term or language
Other forms
僕達 【ぼくたち】
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1. weMale term or language
Other forms
僕等 【ぼくら】
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Noun, Prefix
1. certain; one
2. I; meArchaism, Humble (kenjougo), Male term or language, See also 某 それがし
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1. guy; fellow; chap; buddy
Noun, Pronoun
2. bastard; asshole; arsehole; son of a bitchMale term or language, Derogatory, Slang
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1. I; me; myselfMale term or language, Dated term, nuance of arrogance
  • そんな
  • こと
  • かんが考え
  • ながら
  • 我輩
  • カモ
  • である
  • さいけん再見
  • しました
  • Thinking about those sorts of things, I watched "Duck Soup" again.
2. we; us; ourselvesMale term or language, Archaism
Other forms
吾輩 【わがはい】我が輩 【わがはい】吾が輩 【わがはい】わが輩 【わがはい】
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1. adds force or indicates commandMale term or language, used at sentence end
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1. I; meUsually written using kana alone, Male term or language, used by elderly
Other forms
私 【わし】
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