1. before oneself; in front of one; nearby
  • あの
  • しんごう信号
  • てまえ手前
  • 降ろして
  • ください
  • Please let me off on this side of that traffic light.
2. a bit before reaching (a location); this side (of a location)
3. one's standpoint; one's appearance
4. we
5. youSee also 手前 てめえ
Wikipedia definition
6. Lead (leg)Lead refers to which set of legs, left or right, leads or advances forward to a greater extent when a quadruped animal is cantering, galloping, or leaping. The feet on the leading side touch the ground forward of its partner. On the "left lead", the animal's left legs lead. The choice of lead is of special interest in horse riding. A lead change refers to an animal, usually a horse, moving in a canter or gallop, changing from one lead to the other.
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