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1. then; well; so; well thenSee also では, from では
Other forms
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1. such things as ...; and ... andused for non-exhaustive lists related to a specific time and place
  • あなた
  • すぐに
  • そこ
  • たべもの食べ物
  • のみもの飲み物
  • たの楽しみ
  • かた
  • わかって
  • くる
  • でしょう
You'll soon come to enjoy the food and drink here.
2. the minute (that) ...; no sooner than ...; as soon asSee also や否や, after the dictionary form of a verb
3. be; isKansai dialect, See also
4. o; ohpunctuational exclamation in haiku, renga, etc.
  • これ
  • じゃあ
  • ぼく
  • いっしょう一生
  • けっこん結婚
  • なんて
  • でき出来
  • しない
I guess I'm never going to get married.
5. huh; whatinterjection expressing surprise
6. hiMale term or language
7. yes; what?Archaism
8. yes?; no?; is it?; isn't it?Archaism, indicates a question
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9. Ya (kana)や, in hiragana, or ヤ in katakana, is one of the Japanese ... Read more
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1. be; isSee also である, See also です, plain copula
Auxiliary verb
2. did; (have) doneSee also , た after certain verb forms; indicates past or completed action
Auxiliary verb
3. please; doSee also , indicates light imperative
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1. be; isPolite (teineigo) language, See also
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Copula, Godan verb with ru ending (irregular verb)
1. be; isFormal or literary term, See also , See also であります
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1. be; isUsually written using kana alone, Polite (teineigo) language, See also である
  • これ
  • について
  • まことに
  • 仰る通り
  • でございます
  • こた答える
  • しかない
  • のです
In connection with this I can only reply, "it is just as you say."
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1. it seems thatPolite (teineigo) language
2. as ifPolite (teineigo) language
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1. be; isSee also , western Japanese; also freq. used in animation and foreign-language dubbing to indicate a person is old
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