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1. izakaya; Japanese bar that also serves various dishes and snacks
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2. IzakayaAn izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment w... Read more
Other forms
居酒や 【いざかや】
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1. pub
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2. Public houseA public house, informally known as a pub, is a drinking ... Read more
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1. bar; saloon; pub; tavern; drinking establishment
Other forms
飲屋 【のみや】飮み屋 【のみや】飮屋 【のみや】呑み屋 【のみや】
飮み屋: Out-dated kanji. 飮屋: Out-dated kanji.
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1. pub; public house
Other forms
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1. barhopping; pub crawl
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2. Pub crawlA pub crawl (sometimes called a bar tour, bar crawl or ba... Read more
Other forms
梯子酒 【はしござけ】ハシゴ酒 【ハシゴざけ】
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1. question (e.g. on a test); problem
2. problem (e.g. societal, political); question; issue; subject (e.g. of research); case; matter
3. question (i.e. doubt)
4. public discussion; controversy
5. trouble; problem; inconvenience; difficulty
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6. ProblemA problem is an obstacle, impediment, difficulty or chall... Read more
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1. eye; eyeball
  • そのとおり
  • わたし
  • シャワー
  • あび浴びている
  • とき
  • せっけん石鹸
  • はい入る
  • ヒステリー
  • じょうたい状態
  • になる
  • おとこ
  • のように
  • むすめ
  • この
  • はなし
  • みぶる身震い
  • ながら
  • 言った
  • Right, I said, shivering at this recital as a man would who gets hysterical while taking a shower if a bit of soap stings his eye.
2. eyesight; sight; visionSee also 目が見える
  • みみ
  • くち
  • ふじゆう不自由
  • だった
  • Helen Keller was blind, deaf and dumb.
3. look; stare; gaze; glance
  • かれ
  • すうはい崇拝
  • かのじょ彼女
  • なが眺めた
  • He regarded her with worship in his eyes.
4. notice; attention; observation; eyes (of the world, public, etc.)
5. an experience
6. viewpoint
7. discrimination; discernment; judgement; eye (e.g. for quality)
8. appearance
9. spacing (between crossed strands of a net, mesh, etc.); opening; stitch; texture; weaveSee also 編み目
10. grain (of wood)
11. eye (of a storm, needle, etc.)
12. intersection (on a go board); square (on a chess board)
13. dot (on a dice); pip; rolled number
14. graduation; division (of a scale)
15. tooth (of a saw, comb, etc.)
16. ordinal number suffix
  • ふた2つ
  • かど
  • みぎ
  • 曲がり
  • なさい
  • Turn right at the second corner.
17. somewhat; -ishUsually written using kana alone, See also 大きめ
18. point (e.g. of change)See also 変わり目, following -masu stem
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19. EyeEyes are organs that detect light and convert it into ele... Read more
Other forms
眼 【め】
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1. (public) park
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2. ParkA park is a protected area, in its natural or semi-natura... Read more
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1. box; case; chest; package; pack; crate
  • その
  • とって取っ手
  • みぎ
  • ねじる
  • はこ
  • 開きます
  • Twist that knob to the right and the box will open.
2. car (of a train, etc.)
3. shamisen case; shamisen
4. public building; community buildingColloquialism, See also 箱物, often written as ハコ
5. man who carries a geisha's shamisenArchaism, See also 箱屋
6. receptacle for human waste; feces (faeces)Archaism
Suffix, Counter
7. counter for boxes (or boxed objects)
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8. BoxBox describes a variety of containers and receptacles for... Read more
Other forms
函 【はこ】匣 【はこ】筥 【はこ】筐 【はこ】凾 【はこ】ハコ
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1. bath; bathing; bathtub; bathroomSee also お風呂
  • じん
  • ヨーロッパじんヨーロッパ人
  • よりも
  • おお多く
  • ふろ風呂
  • はい入った
  • The Inca took baths more often than Europeans.
2. bathhouse; public bath
  • その
  • アパート
  • には
  • みっ3つ
  • ちい小さな
  • へや部屋
  • ふろ風呂
  • ついている
  • The apartment consists of three small rooms and a bath.
3. room for drying lacquerware
4. base (wooden joint connecting the blade of a hoe, spade, etc., to the handle)
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5. BathtubA bath, bathtub, or tub (informal) is a large container f... Read more
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1. society; public; community; the world
2. social studiesAbbreviation, See also 社会科 しゃかいか
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3. SocietyA society, or a human society, is a group of people relat... Read more
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1. citizen; citizenry; public
2. city inhabitant; townspeople
3. bourgeoisie; middle class
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4. CitizenshipCitizenship is the state of being a citizen of a particul... Read more
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1. government worker; public servant; civil servant
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2. Civil serviceThe term civil service has two different meanings: A bran... Read more
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Noun, Suru verb
1. speech; address
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2. Public speakingPublic speaking is the process of speaking to a group of ... Read more
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Noun, Suru verb
1. profit; gains
  • りえき利益
  • よりも
  • ゆうじょう友情
  • たいせつ大切にする
  • Ichiro puts friendship above profit.
2. benefit; advantage; interest (of the public, etc.)
  • りえき利益
  • になる
  • ような
  • ほん
  • 読み
  • なさい
  • Read books that are worthwhile.
3. grace (of God, Buddha, etc.) (esp. as attained through rightful actions, prayer, adherence to one's faith, etc.); blessing; miracleOnly applies to りやく
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4. Profit (economics)In economics, the term profit has two related but distinc... Read more
Other forms
利益 【りやく】
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Noun, Suru verb
1. publication
Wikipedia definition
2. PublishingPublishing is the process of production and dissemination... Read more
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Ichidan verb, intransitive verb
1. to leave; to exit; to go out; to come out; to get outAntonym: 入る はいる
  • わたし私の
  • いえ
  • おばけ
  • 出た
  • ほんとう本当
  • It's true that a ghost appeared at my house.
2. to leave (on a journey); to depart; to start out; to set out
  • アメリカ
  • がくせい学生
  • なか
  • には
  • くろう苦労
  • して
  • はたら働き
  • ながら
  • だいがく大学
  • 出る
  • もの
  • おお多い
  • Many American students work their way through the university.
3. to move forward
  • でんわ電話
  • には
  • 出なかった
  • から
  • メール
  • して
  • おきました
  • He didn't answer the phone, so I left him an email.
4. to come to; to get to; to lead to; to reach
5. to appear; to come out; to emerge; to surface; to come forth; to turn up; to be found; to be detected; to be discovered; to be exposed; to show; to be exhibited; to be on display
6. to appear (in print); to be published; to be announced; to be issued; to be listed; to come out
7. to attend; to participate; to take part; to enter (an event); to play in; to perform
8. to be stated; to be expressed; to come up; to be brought up; to be raised
9. to sell
10. to exceed; to go over
11. to stick out; to protrude
12. to break out; to occur; to start; to originate
13. to be produced
14. to come from; to be derived from
15. to be given; to get; to receive; to be offered; to be provided; to be presented; to be submitted; to be handed in; to be turned in; to be paid
16. to answer (phone, door, etc.); to get
17. to assume (an attitude); to act; to behave
18. to pick up (speed, etc.); to gain
19. to flow (e.g. tears); to run; to bleed
20. to graduate
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9 strokes. JLPT N4. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
departure, discharge, publish, emit, start from, disclose, counter for gunshots
On: ハツ ホツ
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4 strokes. JLPT N4. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2.
public, prince, official, governmental
On: コウ
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5 strokes. JLPT N4. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
generation, world, society, public
On: セイ ソウ
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13 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
ride, board, get on, place, spread, 10**44, record, publish
On: サイ
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  • 75100
    • カナダ
    • おきゃくさまお客様
    • いざかや居酒屋
    • りょうり料理
    • サーブ
    • しています
    I serve pub food to Canadian customers. Tatoeba
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こくしたいけい 【国史大系】
Unclassified name
1. Kokushi Taikei (history text; orig. ed. by Taguchi Ukichi, pub. 1897-1904; rev. ed. by Kuroita Katsumi, pub. 1929-1964)
こくさいこうむろうれん 【国際公務労連】
1. Public Services International
Wikipedia definition
2. Public Services InternationalPublic Services International (PSI) is a global union fed... Read more
にほんてつどうけんせつこうだん 【日本鉄道建設公団】
1. Japan Railway Construction Public Corporation
Wikipedia definition
2. Japan Railway Construction Public Corporation(JRCC) was a public corporation responsible for the const... Read more
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