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Noun, Noun - used as a suffix, Counter
1. serving (of food); helping
2. chilled soba served on a dish (often on a wicker basket or in a shallow steaming basket) with dipping sauceAbbreviation, See also 盛り蕎麦
Other forms
盛 【もり】
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1. prosperous; flourishing; thriving; successful
  • にほん日本
  • えいごきょういく英語教育
  • さか盛ん
  • である
  • English education flourishes in Japan.
2. popular; widespread
  • われわれ我々
  • くに
  • ウインタースポーツ
  • さか盛ん
  • Winter sports are very popular in our country.
3. active; lively; energetic; vigorous; brisk; strong
  • かれ
  • まだ
  • げんき元気
  • さか盛ん
  • He is still full of energy.
4. enthusiastic; eager; hearty; frequent; repeated
  • いし医師
  • きつえん喫煙
  • かん関する
  • けいこく警告
  • さか盛ん
  • 出し
  • つづけ続けている
  • The medical profession keeps handing out warnings about smoking.
Other forms
旺ん 【さかん】壮ん 【さかん】
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Noun, Noun - used as a suffix
1. height (e.g. of summer); peak (e.g. of cherry blossom season); (in) season; full bloom; full swing (of a party, etc.)ざかり when used as a suffix
  • さくら
  • はな
  • 4月
  • さか盛り
  • The cherry blossoms are at their best in April.
2. prime (of one's life); (one's) best days; bloom
  • かれ
  • いま
  • おとこ
  • さか盛り
  • He is now in the prime of manhood.
3. (being in) heat; rut
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Na-adjective, Noun
1. grand; magnificent; lavish; large scale; prosperous; thriving; lively
2. forceful; powerful; vigorous
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Godan verb with ru ending, intransitive verb
1. to swell; to rise; to bulge; to be piled up
  • かざんかつどう火山活動
  • じめん地面
  • もりあ盛り上がった
  • The surface of the earth rose due to the volcanic activity.
2. to rouse; to get excited
  • かんきゃく観客
  • もりあが盛り上がっている
  • The audience is really charged up.
Other forms
盛りあがる 【もりあがる】盛り上る 【もりあがる】盛上がる 【もりあがる】盛上る 【もりあがる】
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Noun, Suru verb
1. dressing up in fine clothes; splendid clothes; one's best clothes
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Godan verb with mu ending, Transitive verb
1. to incorporate; to include
2. to fill (a vessel) with
Other forms
盛込む 【もりこむ】
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Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
1. to pile up; to heap up
2. to stir up; to enliven; to bring to a climax
  • おんせい音声
  • もりあ盛り上げたり
  • 静めたり
  • する
  • ことができない
  • じょうねつ情熱
  • ある
  • だろうか
  • What passion cannot music raise and quell?
Other forms
盛りあげる 【もりあげる】
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Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
1. to dish up; to arrange food (on a plate)
Other forms
盛りつける 【もりつける】盛付ける 【もりつける】
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1. busy place; busy street; place that's always bustling with people; amusement quartersSee also 繁華街
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Godan verb with su ending, Transitive verb
1. to rally; to make a comeback
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Godan verb with ru ending, Transitive verb
1. to serve (in a bowl, on a plate, etc.); to dish out; to dish up; to fill (a bowl) with
2. to pile up; to heap up; to fill up; to stack up
3. to administer (medicine, poison); to dose out; to prescribe
4. to put into (e.g. information in a report, meaning in a statement)
5. to mark out (e.g. scale); to graduate (e.g. thermometer)
6. to exaggerate; to apply heavy makeupSlang
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1. climax; uprush
2. bulge
Other forms
盛りあがり 【もりあがり】
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1. arrangement of food (on a dish); serving of (arranged) food
Other forms
盛りつけ 【もりつけ】盛付け 【もりつけ】
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1. embankment (for road, railway, etc.); raising the ground level; fill
Other forms
盛り土 【もりつち】盛土 【もりど】盛土 【もりつち】
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1. rise and fall; ups and downs; welfare; vicissitudes
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Kanji — 1 found

11 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6.
boom, prosper, copulate
On: セイ ジョウ
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  • 74744
    • ルネッサンス
    • じだい時代
    • 、ベニス
    • げいじゅつ芸術
    • ぜんせいき全盛期
    • むか迎えていました
    Art was in its golden age in Venice during the Renaissance. Tatoeba
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さかい 【盛】
Family or surname
1. Sakai
さかえ 【盛】
Family or surname, Given name, gender not specified
1. Sakae
さかり 【盛】
Place, Family or surname, Female given name
1. Sakari
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