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Na-adjective (keiyodoshi), Noun
1. grand; magnificent; lavish; large scale; prosperous; thriving; lively
Na-adjective (keiyodoshi), Noun
2. forceful; powerful; vigorous
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Noun, Suru verb, Intransitive verb
1. dressing up in fine clothes; splendid clothes; one's best clothes
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1. rise and fall; ups and downs; welfare; vicissitudes
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1. flower arrangement in a built-up style
2. placing salt by the entrance to one's establishment to bring good luck; such piles of saltOnly applies to もりばな, See also 盛り塩
3. seasonal peak of flowersOnly applies to せいか
Other forms
盛花 【もりばな】盛花 【せいか】
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1. rise and fall; ups and downs; waxing and waning; prosperity and decline; vicissitudesYojijukugo (four character compound)
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1. frequency; popularity; currency
Suru verb
2. to perform well; to be successful in an activity
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11 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6.
boom, prosper, copulate
On: セイ ジョウ
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  • jreibun/9767/1
    • じつぎょうか実業家
    • しゅさい主催する
    • パーティーで、
    • まね招かれた
    • せいじか政治家
    • しゅさいしゃ主催者
    • おんぎ恩義
    • があるのか、スピーチで
    • さか盛んに
    • 彼を持ち上げた。
    At a party hosted by a businessperson, an invited politician, perhaps indebted to the organizer, enthusiastically flattered him in his speech. Jreibun
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せい 【盛】
Family or surname, Given name, gender not specified
1. Sei
せいあ 【盛亜】
Unclassified name
1. Seia
せいいち 【盛一】
Given name, gender not specified
1. Seiichi
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