11 strokes
boom, prosper, copulate
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6
JLPT level N1
712 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 盛大 【セイダイ】 grand, magnificent, lavish, large scale, prosperous, thriving, lively, forceful, powerful, vigorous
  • 盛況 【セイキョウ】 success, prosperity, boom
  • 隆盛 【リュウセイ】 prosperity, flourishing, thriving
  • 士気旺盛 【シキオウセイ】 morale being very high, heightened fighting spirit
  • 盛者 【ショウジャ】 prosperous person, powerful person
  • 盛者必衰 【ジョウシャヒッスイ】 even the prosperous inevitably decay, sic transit gloria mundi, all that's fair must fade
  • 強盛 【キョウセイ】 might, mighty
  • 熾盛 【シジョウ】 vigor (like leaping flames), liveliness

Kun reading compounds

  • 盛る 【もる】 to serve (in a bowl, on a plate, etc.), to dish out, to dish up, to fill (a bowl) with, to pile up, to heap up, to fill up, to stack up, to administer (medicine, poison), to dose out, to prescribe, to put into (e.g. information in a report, meaning in a statement), to mark out (e.g. scale), to graduate (e.g. thermometer), to exaggerate, to apply heavy makeup
  • 盛る 【さかる】 to prosper, to flourish, to copulate (animals)
  • 盛ん 【さかん】 prosperous, flourishing, thriving, successful, popular, widespread, active, lively, energetic, vigorous, brisk, strong, enthusiastic, eager, hearty, frequent, repeated
  • 盛んな歓迎 【さかんなかんげい】 cordial reception


Japanese names:
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
sheng4, cheng2


  • auge
  • prosperidad
  • apilar
  • colmar
  • prosperar
  • florecer
  • próspero


  • estrondo
  • prosperar
  • copular


  • prospérité
  • boom
  • copuler
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