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    • おへやお部屋
    • べっかん別館
    • さんがい3階
    • さんびゃくよんごうしつ304号室
    • だいよくじょう大浴場
    • ほんかん本館
    • ちかいっかい地下1階
    • ちょうしょく朝食
    • ほんかん本館
    • にかい2階
    • のダイニングルームへ
    • おこお越しください
    • 」と説明を受けた。
    When we arrived at the ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) and checked in, we were told that our room was room 304 on the third floor of the annex, the large public bath was located on the first basement floor of the main building, and breakfast would be served in the dining room on the second floor of the main building. Jreibun
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