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Noun, Noun, used as a suffix
1. department (in an organization, company, etc.); division; bureau; facultyabove 課, below 局
  • しん
  • サービス
  • りょうきん料金
  • せってい設定
  • マーケティング
  • おこな行う
The marketing department is responsible for pricing new service.
Noun, Noun, used as a suffix
2. club (at a school, university, etc.); team
  • バドミントン
  • まともな
  • ぶいん
  • きょくたん極端に
  • すく少ない
  • ため
  • ほとんど
  • はいぶ
  • ないし
  • きゅうぶ
  • じょうたい状態
  • だった
There were so few proper members in the badminton club that it was half-way between dead and 'on break'.
Noun, Noun, used as a suffix
3. part; portion; region; area
Noun, Noun, used as a suffix
4. category; class; division; section; heading
5. counter for copies of a newspaper, magazine, book, etc.
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1. head (chief, director) of a section or department
  • ソフトウエア
  • かいがい海外
  • えいぎょう営業
  • ぶちょう部長
  • しょうかい紹介
  • いただけません
Would you please put me in touch with the General Manager of Overseas Sales of AB Software Ltd?
2. head of a (school) club; head of a (school) teamSee also 倶楽部
  • あなた
  • じゅうぶん充分
  • かわい可愛い
  • おんなのこ女の子
  • はんちゅう範疇
  • はい入る
  • おも思います
  • ぶちょう部長
  • おめがね
  • には
  • よゆう余裕
  • かなって
  • しまう
  • でしょう
I think you fall well within 'cute girl'. You'd easily go and pass in his judgement.
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1. parts; accessories; components
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Noun, Noun which may take the genitive case particle 'no'
1. division (of a larger group); branch; field; class (subclass); group; category; department
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Noun, Noun which may take the genitive case particle 'no'
1. tribe; clan; house
Wikipedia definition
2. TribeA tribe is viewed, historically or developmentally, as a ... Read more
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1. force; unit; corps; squad; troops; party
Wikipedia definition
2. TroopA troop is a military unit, originally a small force of c... Read more
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1. number of copies; circulation
2. Busuu
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Noun, Noun which may take the genitive case particle 'no'
1. staff; member (club, society, etc.)
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1. one's post; one's station; department; bureau; section
Other forms
部所 【ぶしょ】
部所: Irregular kanji usage.
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1. hamlet; subunit of villageSensitive
  • いじゅうしゃ移住者
  • ぶらく部落
  • やばんじん野蛮人
  • によって
  • せいふく征服
  • され
  • いじゅうしゃ移住者
  • きぼう希望
  • せいかつ生活
  • どたんば土壇場
  • きた
  • とき
  • なが長い
  • さいげつ歳月
  • かけて
  • ふこう不幸
  • たたかい
  • しゅうしふ終止符
  • うたれた
Years of resistance to misfortune ended when the settlers' village was overcome by the savages and their hopes and lives came to the bitter end.
2. burakumin areaSensitive
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1. club activities; extracurricular activitiesAbbreviation, See also 部活動
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1. radical (of a kanji character)
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2. Radical (Chinese character)A Chinese radical is a component of a Chinese character. ... Read more
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I-adjective (keiyoushi)
1. thick; bulky; massive; heavy
Other forms
ぶ厚い 【ぶあつい】部厚い 【ぶあつい】
部厚い: Rarely-used kanji form.
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1. part (esp. of the body); region; site; cut (of meat)
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11 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
section, bureau, dept, class, copy, part, portion, counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine
Kun: -べ
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  • jreibun/8308/5
    • ぶしょない部署内
    • のゴミの捨て方について相談をしていたのに、部長が急に世界的な環境問題について語り始めた。
    • はなし
    • ひやく飛躍
    • しすし過ぎ
    • だ。
    We were discussing how to dispose of trash in our department and the department head suddenly started talking about global environmental issues. That’s a leap that went too far. Jreibun
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ぶうま 【部間】
1. Buuma
ぶかわ 【部川】
Family or surname
1. Bukawa
ぶさか 【部栄】
1. Busaka
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