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1. festival; feastSee also お祭り
2. harassment by an Internet pitchfork mob; online shaming; flamingColloquialism
Noun - used as a suffix
3. galore (as in "goals galore"); frenzy; maniaColloquialism
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4. Japanese festivalsJapanese festivals are traditional festive occasions. Som... Read more
Other forms
祭 【まつり】
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Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
1. to set up (in high position); to kick upstairs
2. to hold sacred; to worship
Other forms
祭上げる 【まつりあげる】
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1. popular type of sushi bento, differing by regions; brand of sushi bentoSee also ばら寿司
Other forms
祭り鮓 【まつりずし】
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Godan verb with mu ending, Transitive verb
1. to place an obnoxious person in an out-of-the-way post to be rid of him or her
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1. festival tabi; strong, rubber-soled footwear worn by festival participants
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Kanji — 1 found

11 strokes. JLPT N2. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
ritual, offer prayers, celebrate, deify, enshrine, worship
On: サイ
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Sentences — 29 found

  • 75242
    • 聞いた
    • 、光一」「
    • まあ
    • みな皆までいうな
    • って
    • わか分かってる
    • じんじゃ神社
    • 夏祭り
    • いっけん一件
    • でしょ
    • ?」
    "I've heard about it, Koichi" "You don't need to say anything more, I know. It's the summer festival incident at the shrine, right?" Tatoeba
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まつり 【祭】
Female given name, Family or surname
1. Matsuri
まつり 【祭典】
Female given name
1. Matsuri
まつり 【祭璃】
Female given name
1. Matsuri
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