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1. end; finish; stop
  • かれ彼の
  • こうきしん好奇心
  • には
  • かぎ限り
  • なかった
  • His curiosity knew no bounds.
2. bounds; limitsSee also 切りがない, See also 切りのない
  • わたし私の
  • ちから
  • およ及ぶ
  • かぎ限り
  • えんじょ援助
  • します
  • I'll help you to the best of my ability.
3. delivery date (of a futures contract)esp. 限り,限
  • おかねお金
  • つづ続く
  • かぎ限り
  • ニューヨーク
  • たいざい滞在
  • する
  • だろう
  • Akira will stay in New York while his money lasts.
4. finale (of a noh song); end of an act (in jōruri or kabuki); final performance of the day (in vaudeville)
  • よご汚さない
  • かぎ限り
  • この
  • ほん
  • もちかえ持ち帰って
  • いい
  • です
  • You may take this book as long as you keep it clean.
Suffix, Counter
5. counter for slices (esp. thick slices); counter for cuts (e.g. fish, meat)
  • もっと
  • べんきょう勉強
  • しない
  • かぎ限り
  • らくだい落第
  • します
  • You will fail unless you work harder.
6. only; justUsually written using kana alone, See also っ切り っきり, senses 6-8 are sometimes pronounced ぎり, esp. in old-fashioned speech
7. since; afterUsually written using kana alone, usu. in a negative sentence
8. remaining (in a particular state)Usually written using kana alone
Other forms
限り 【きり】切 【きり】限 【きり】
切: Irregular okurigana usage. 限: Irregular okurigana usage.
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Godan verb with ru ending, Transitive verb
1. to restrict; to limit; to confine
Godan verb with ru ending, intransitive verb
2. to be restricted to; to be limited to; to be confined to
3. to be best (for); to be the best plan; to be the only way (to)as ...は...に限る
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Noun, Suru verb, No-adjective
1. limit; restriction
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1. limit; limits; bounds
2. degree; extent; scope
3. the end; the last
Noun, Adverbial noun
4. as long as ...; as far as ...; as much as ...; to the limits of ...; all of ...after an adjective, verb, or noun
Adverbial noun
5. unless ...after neg. verb
6. (not) included in ...; (not) part of ...usu. as 〜の限りではない
Noun - used as a suffix, Adverbial noun
7. ... only (e.g. "one time only", "today only")
8. end of one's life; final moments; deathArchaism
9. funeral; burialArchaism
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1. restrictive (use)linguistics terminology
  • ふていし不定詞
  • けいようし形容詞
  • てき
  • ようほう用法
  • には
  • しゅるい種類
  • あり
  • 、①
  • げんていようほう限定用法
  • 、②
  • じょじゅつようほう叙述用法
  • 。②
  • もちろん
  • しゅかくほご主格補語
  • です
  • There are two ways of using the infinitive as an adjective, 1. attributive, 2. predicative. Naturally 2. is a subject complement.
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Na-adjective, No-adjective, Adverbial noun
1. just barely; only just; at the very limit; at the last momentOnomatopoeic or mimetic word, Usually written using kana alone
Other forms
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1. limit (amount, e.g. on credit card, loan, expenditure)
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1. eternal; unlimited; endless
Other forms
限り無い 【かぎりない】
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げん 限度
Expression, Ichidan verb
1. to go beyond the limit; to pass the limit
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Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally
1. finite; limited; restricted
Other forms
限り有る 【かぎりある】
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1. critical situation
Wikipedia definition
2. Limit situationLimit situation describes certain situations in which a h... Read more
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1. marginal utility
Wikipedia definition
2. Marginal utilityIn economics, the marginal utility of a good or service i... Read more
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1. marginal profit; marginal incomeFinance term, See also 限界利潤
Wikipedia definition
2. Contribution marginIn cost-volume-profit analysis, a form of management acco... Read more
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1. marginal cost
Wikipedia definition
2. Marginal costIn economics and finance, marginal cost is the change in ... Read more
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1. determiner; qualifier; determinativelinguistics terminology
Wikipedia definition
2. Determiner (linguistics)A determiner is a noun-modifier that expresses the refere... Read more
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1. limited war
Wikipedia definition
2. Limited warA limited war is a conflict in which the belligerents par... Read more
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9 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 5.
limit, restrict, to best of ability
On: ゲン
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  • 138432
    • おお多く
    • かいしゃ会社
    • じんいん人員
    • さいていげん最低限
    • まで
    • しゅくしょう縮小
    • した
    A lot of companies have pared their staff down to a minimum. Tatoeba
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Names — 3 found

さちよ 【限】
Unclassified name
1. Sachiyo
げんぞう 【限三】
Given name, gender not specified
1. Genzou
さかい 【限井】
Family or surname
1. Sakai