1. Mr.; Mrs.; Miss; Ms.Honorific or respectful (sonkeigo), after a person's name (or position, etc.)
  • かのじょ彼女
  • おうじょ王女
  • さま
  • になった
  • ゆめをみ夢を見た
  • She dreamed that she was a princess.
2. makes words more polite (usu. in fixed expressions)Polite (teineigo), See also お粗末さまでした, usu. after a noun or na-adjective prefixed with お- or ご-
  • どうも
  • しんせつ親切
  • さま
  • That's very kind of you.
3. state; situation; appearance
  • フラフラと
  • あるきまわ歩き回る
  • さま
  • あまりに
  • デンジャラス
  • The way she dizzily moves around is far too dangerous.
Other forms
方 【さま】状 【さま】


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