14 strokes
Esq., way, manner, situation, polite suffix
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3
JLPT level N3
493 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 様 【ヨウ】 appearing ..., looking ..., way to ..., method of ...ing, form, style, design, like, similar to, thing (thought or spoken)
  • 様式 【ヨウシキ】 style, form, pattern
  • 文様 【モンヨウ】 pattern, design
  • 一様 【イチヨウ】 uniform, equal, even, the same, identical, common, ordinary, usual

Kun reading compounds

  • 様 【さま】 Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, makes a word more polite (usu. in fixed expressions), state, situation, appearance, manner
  • 様変わり 【さまがわり】 changing completely, transformation
  • 殿様 【とのさま】 nobleman, dignitary, lord, feudal lord (of the Edo period), daimyo, man brought up away from the world, arrogant man with little knowledge of the ways of the world
  • ご馳走様 【ごちそうさま】 thank you (for the meal), that was a delicious meal, thank you (for displaying lovey-dovey behaviour)
  • 唐行きさん 【からゆきさん】 karayuki-san, young Japanese women who were sent to work (mainly as prostitutes) in foreign countries, esp. in Southeast Asia (Meiji to early Showa)
  • 愛様 【いとさん】 daughter (of a good family)


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • forma
  • manera
  • situación
  • estilo
  • señor
  • señora
  • srta.


  • Senhor
  • estilo
  • modos
  • sufixo polido para senhor.


  • Monsieur, Madame
  • apparence
  • manière
  • sorte
  • état
  • suffixe de politesse
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