Suffix, No-adjective
1. -cladafter an article of clothing
Suffix, No-adjective
2. in the midst ofUsually written using kana alone, after a -masu stem
Suffix, No-adjective
3. tenths (e.g. wholesale price, as tenths of retail price)after a number in the ichi, ni counting system
Suffix, No-adjective
4. times (i.e. multiplied by)after a number in the hitotsu, futatsu counting system
Suffix, No-adjective
5. able-to-seat (of a chair, etc.)after a number of people
  • よご汚れ
  • つよ強い
  • ごうせいひかく合成皮革
  • しよう使用
  • した
  • ふたり2人
  • 掛け
  • ソファ
  • です
  • This is a two-seater sofa using stain-resistant artificial leather.
Other forms
懸け 【がけ】掛 【がけ】懸 【がけ】


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