Noun, Suru verb, No-adjective
1. reconciliation; amicable settlement; accommodation; compromise; mediation; rapprochement
  • とうそう闘争
  • まんぞく満足
  • おこな行った
  • こと
  • わかい和解
  • 終わった
  • The struggle ended in a satisfactory settlement.
2. court-mediated settlementLaw, etc. term, Only applies to わかい
3. translation of a foreign language into JapaneseArchaism
Wikipedia definition
4. ConciliationConciliation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process whereby the parties to a dispute (including future interest disputes) agree to utilize the services of a conciliator, who then meets with the parties separately in an attempt to resolve their differences. They do this by lowering tensions, improving communications, interpreting issues, providing technical assistance, exploring potential solutions and bringing about a negotiated settlement.
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Other forms
和解 【わげ】


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