5 strokes
stand, erect
stand up, rise, set up, erect
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 1
JLPT level N4
58 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 立案 【リツアン】 planning, devising (a plan), drafting, drawing up
  • 立像 【リツゾウ】 standing statue, standing image
  • 並立 【ヘイリツ】 standing abreast
  • 不成立 【フセイリツ】 failure (e.g. of a bill, motion), falling through, rejection, miscarriage
  • 立ち木 【タチキ】 standing tree, standing timber
  • 立纓 【リュウエイ】 erect tail (of a traditional Japanese hat)
  • 開立 【カイリュウ】 extraction of cubic root
  • 造立 【ゾウリュウ】 erecting (a temple, Buddhist statue, etc.)

Kun reading compounds

  • 立つ 【たつ】 to stand (up), to rise, to get to one's feet, to stand on end (e.g. of hairs), to stick up, to stand (in a position; of a person, tree, building, etc.), to be situated (in, on), to be (in difficulties, the lead, etc.), to put oneself (in a position or situation), to take up (a position, post, etc.), to position oneself, to leave (to do something), to depart (on a journey, trip, etc.), to leave, to set off, to start, to get stuck (into; of an arrow, thorn etc.), to pierce, to develop (of a haze, waves, etc.), to form (of steam, bubbles, etc.), to appear (of a rainbow, clouds, etc.), to rise (of smoke, waves, etc.), to begin to blow (of a wind, breeze, etc.), to spread (of a rumour, reputation, etc.), to be become widely known, to stand (for election), to run, to take action, to act, to rise (up), to rouse oneself, to be established (of a policy, plan, objective, etc.), to be formed, to be valid (of an argument, logic, etc.), to hold up, to hold water, to stand up (e.g. of evidence), to be logical, to be reasonable, to be sustained (of a living, business, etc.), to be maintained, to survive, to be preserved (of one's reputation, honour, etc.), to be saved, to start (of a season), to begin, to be held (of a market), to shut (of a door, shoji, etc.), to be shut, to be closed, to be (the result of a division)
  • 立つ瀬 【たつせ】 one's position, one's face, one's honour, one's reputation
  • 突立 【とったつ】 stand straight up
  • 立てる 【たてる】 to stand up, to put up, to set up, to erect, to raise, to thrust into, to bury into, to dig into, to make (a noise), to start (a rumour), to raise (a cloud of dust, etc.), to cause, to make, to establish, to set up, to develop, to formulate, to put up (a political candidate), to make (one's leader), to treat with respect, to give (someone) their due, to make (someone) look good, to avoid embarrassing (someone), to sharpen, to make clear, to shut, to close, to make tea (matcha), to perform the tea ceremony, to divide by, to do ... vigorously


Japanese names:
たち、 たっ、 たつ、 だて、 つい
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • levantarse
  • alzarse
  • ponerse en pie
  • levantar
  • erigir
  • estar en pie


  • Ficar de pé
  • levantar-se


  • debout
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