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1. libraryalso written 圕
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2. LibraryA library is an organized collection of books, other prin... Read more
Other forms
図書館 【ずしょかん】
ずしょかん: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage.
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1. library (usu. single-room); small library
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Noun, No-adjective
1. book catalogue; book catalog; card catalogue; card catalog
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2. Library catalogA library catalog (or library catalogue) is a register of... Read more
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1. large undertaking attempted in a far-off landArchaism
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しょかんじょうほうがく 図書館情報学
1. library and information science
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2. Library and information scienceLibrary and information science (LIS) is a merging of the... Read more
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しょ 図書
1. pre-paid card for purchasing books; Tosho cardSee also 図書券, replaced the 図書券 ca 1990
2. library book index card
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7 strokes. JLPT N4. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2.
map, drawing, plan, extraordinary, audacious
Kun: はか.る
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  • 74301
    • じっしせっけい実施設計
    • とは
    • きほんせっけい基本設計
    • 決まった
    • けいかく計画
    • こうじ工事
    • できる
    • ずめん図面
    • 書く
    • さぎょう作業
    • です
    Detailed design is the work of drawing up a diagram that is capable of being manufactured from the plan set in the baseline design. Tatoeba
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とこう 【図高】
Given name, gender not specified
1. Tokou
としょ 【図書】
Unclassified name
1. Tosho
としょいんさつこうじょう 【図書印刷工場】
1. Toshoinsatsu Factory
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