1. Japanese bird cherry (Prunus grayana); Gray's bird cherry; Gray's chokecherryUsually written using kana alone
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2. Prunus grayanaPrunus grayana (syn. Padus grayana C.K. Schneid. , Prunus padus var. japonica Miq. ; Japanese bird cherry or Gray's bird cherry; Japanese ウワミズザクラ Uwa-mizu-zakura; Chinese 灰叶稠李 hui ye chou li) is a species of cherry native to Japan and China, occurring at medium altitudes of 1,000–3,800 m in the temperate zone. It prefers sunshine and moist (but drained) soil. It is a small deciduous tree reaching a height of 8–20 m.
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Other forms
上不見桜 【うわみずざくら】宇和水桜 【うわみずざくら】上溝桜 【うわみぞざくら】ウワミズザクラ
宇和水桜: Irregular kanji usage.


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