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1. gap; space
  • めのまえ目の前
  • くりひろげ繰り広げられる
  • やりとやり取り
  • おれ
  • はいりこ入り込む
  • すき
  • なんて
  • いち
  • ミリ
  • ない
The exchange unfolding in front of my eyes had not a single millimetre of a gap in which for me to slip.
2. break; interlude; intervalOnly applies to すき
3. chink (in one's armor, armour); chance; opportunity; weak spotOnly applies to すき, Only applies to げき, Only applies to ひま
  • すき
  • あた与える
  • 魔がさす
  • もの
Opportunity makes a thief.
4. breach (of a relationship between people)Only applies to げき, Only applies to ひま
Other forms
透き 【すき】隙 【げき】隙 【ひま】隙 【すきけ】
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1. person with a lot of free time on their hands; person of leisure; idler; loafer
Other forms
閑人 【ひまじん】ひま人 【ひまじん】隙人 【ひまじん】閑人 【かんじん】
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Godan verb with 'ru' ending, Intransitive verb
1. to take (much) time; to be delayedDated term
Other forms
隙取る 【ひまどる】
隙取る: Rarely-used kanji form.
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Kanji — 1 found

13 strokes. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
crevice, fissure, discord, opportunity, leisure
On: ゲキ キャク ケキ
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