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Na-adjective (keiyodoshi)
1. sure; certain; positive; definite
  • かれ
  • まちが間違っている
  • たし確か
  • です
It is certain that he is wrong.
Na-adjective (keiyodoshi)
2. reliable; trustworthy; safe; sound; firm; accurate; correct; exact
  • わたし
  • その
  • ニュース
  • たし確か
  • すじ
  • から
  • 得た
I got the news from a reliable source.
Adverb (fukushi)
3. If I'm not mistaken; If I remember correctly; If I remember rightly
  • これ
  • たし確か
  • たんすいぎょ淡水魚
  • おも思います
I believe this fish is a freshwater fish.
Other forms
確 【たしか】慥か 【たしか】
確: Irregular okurigana usage. 慥か: Rarely-used kanji form.
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Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
1. to make sure; to check; to ascertain; to confirm; to verify
Other forms
慥かめる 【たしかめる】
慥かめる: Rarely-used kanji form.
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Adverb (fukushi)
1. surely; certainly
Other forms
慥かに 【たしかに】
慥かに: Rarely-used kanji form.
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たしじつ 事実
Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Noun
1. established fact; certain fact
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1. reliable source
  • その
  • こと
  • たしかなすじ確かな筋
  • から
  • 聞いた
I heard it on good authority.
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Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Suru verb - included
1. to strengthen; to beef up; to put on a firm basis; to ensure; to secure
Other forms
確かな物にする 【たしかなものにする】
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Kanji — 1 found

15 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 5.
assurance, firm, tight, hard, solid, confirm, clear, evident
On: カク コウ
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  • jreibun/5701/1
    • だいきぎょう大企業
    • に就職すると、
    • たし確かに
    • ふくりこうせい福利厚生
    • あんていせい安定性
    • きゅうよとう給与等
    • ちゅうしょうきぎょう中小企業
    • に比べると有利な点もある。
    • はんめん反面
    • 、転勤の可能性が高く、
    • そしき組織
    • きょだい巨大
    • であるため競争が激しく、やりたいことができにくかったりするデメリットもある。
    Working for a large company certainly has advantages over small and medium-sized companies in terms of benefits, stability, and salary. On the other hand, there are disadvantages such as the high possibility of being transferred. Furthermore, a large sized organization makes competition fierce and it may be difficult to focus on the work you enjoy. Jreibun
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