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I-adjective (keiyoushi)
1. scary; frightening; eerie; dreadful
  • かれ
  • きみ
  • ヘビ
  • こわ恐い
  • かしら
  • おも思っている
He wonders if you are afraid of snakes.
Other forms
恐い 【こわい】
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Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Noun
1. grim face; angry look
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Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Noun
1. curiosity of fear; urge to look at something frightening; wanting to take a peek at something unpleasant
Other forms
恐いもの見たさ 【こわいものみたさ】怖い物見たさ 【こわいものみたさ】恐い物見たさ 【こわいものみたさ】
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Noun which may take the genitive case particle 'no', Noun
1. foolhardy; reckless; fearless
Other forms
怖い物知らず 【こわいものしらず】
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Kanji — 1 found

8 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
dreadful, be frightened, fearful
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Sentences — 68 found

  • jreibun/5232/1
    • せいもんまえ正門前
    • こわ怖い
    • せんぱい先輩
    • がいたので、
    • せんぱい先輩
    • に見つからないように
    • うらもん裏門
    • からこっそり
    • はい入った
    There was a scary senior student in front of the main gate of the school, so I sneaked in through the back gate to avoid being seen. Jreibun
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