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Godan verb with ru ending, Transitive verb
1. to take; to pick up; to grab; to catch
  • おさらお皿
  • 取った
  • もの
  • ぜんぶ全部
  • 食べ
  • なさい
  • You'd better eat everything that's on your plate.
2. to pass; to hand; to give
3. to get; to obtain; to acquire; to win; to receive; to earn
  • すいぶん水分
  • たくさん
  • 取って
  • ください
  • You should drink a lot of liquid.
4. to adopt (a method, proposal, etc.); to take (a measure, attitude, etc.); to take; to choose
5. to remove; to get rid of; to take off
6. to take away; to steal; to rob
7. to eat; to have (e.g. lunch); to take (e.g. vitamins)See also 摂る
8. to pick (e.g. flowers); to gather; to extract (e.g. juice); to catch (e.g. fish)
9. to take up (time, space); to occupy; to spare; to set aside
10. to secure; to reserve; to save; to put aside; to keep
11. to take (e.g. a joke); to interpret; to understand; to make out; to grasp
12. to record; to take down
13. to subscribe to (e.g. a newspaper); to take; to buy; to get
14. to order; to have delivered
15. to charge; to fine; to take (tax)
16. to take (e.g. a wife); to take on (e.g. an apprentice); to adopt; to accept
17. to compete (in sumo, cards, etc.); to play
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Expression, I-adjective
1. insignificant; inconsequential; trifling; negligible; of little importanceIdiomatic expression, See also 取るに足りない
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Expression, I-adjective
1. of little importance; trivial; worthless; valueless
Other forms
とるに足りない 【とるにたりない】
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Expression, Adverb
1. without a moment's delay; leaving everything else unattended toUsually written using kana alone
Other forms
取る物も取り敢えず 【とるものもとりあえず】取るものも取りあえず 【とるものもとりあえず】
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8 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
take, fetch, take up
On: シュ
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  • 74022
    • はいしゃ歯医者
    • ついた
    • たばこ
    • ヤニ
    • 取って
    • もらう
    • ひよう費用
    • どれくらい
    • かかる
    • でしょう
    About how much does it cost to have a dentist remove cigarette tar from your teeth? Tatoeba
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