5 strokes
copy, be photographed, describe
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3
JLPT level N4
453 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 写真集 【シャシンシュウ】 photo book (esp. one featuring photos of female celebrities, models), photobook
  • 写真 【シャシン】 photograph, photo, picture, snapshot, snap, moving picture, movie
  • 実写 【ジッシャ】 on-the-spot filming or photography, live filming (as opposed to animation), actual picture (as opposed to a drawing), photographic image (as opposed to a drawing, computer-generated image, etc.), real picture or story (as opposed to fiction, imaginary scene, etc.), describing actual scenes (in writing, drawings, paintings, etc.), documentary (film)
  • 活写 【カッシャ】 vivid description, painting a lively picture (of)

Kun reading compounds

  • 写す 【うつす】 to transcribe, to duplicate, to reproduce, to imitate, to trace, to describe, to film, to picture, to photograph
  • 写る 【うつる】 to be photographed, to be projected
  • 写し 【うつし】 copy, duplicate, facsimile, transcript
  • 映し出す 【うつしだす】 to project, to show (on a screen), to reflect (of a mirror, lake, etc.), to portray, to depict, to describe, to reflect (the times, mood, etc.)


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • copiar
  • imitar
  • fotografiar


  • cópia
  • foto
  • descrever


  • copie
  • être photographié
  • décrire
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