Ichidan verb, intransitive verb
1. to be solved; to be resolved
  • いちばん
  • あたま
  • 良い
  • せいと生徒
  • でさえ
  • その
  • もんだい問題
  • 解けなかった
  • Even the brightest student couldn't solve the problem.
2. to loosen; to come untied; to come undoneSee also 解ける ほどける
  • 靴ひも
  • とけた
  • My shoelaces came undone.
3. to be removed (of restrictions); to be lifted (e.g. a ban); to be broken (spells, curses, etc.)
  • その
  • おかげで
  • ごかい誤解
  • 解ける
  • It removes misunderstandings.
4. to dissipate (of anger, tension, etc.); to melt away; to ease; to be appeased; to be resolved (of a dispute, misunderstanding, etc.); to be cleared up
  • こたい固体
  • 解ける
  • えきたい液体
  • になる
  • When a solid melts, it becomes liquid.


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