1. please; kindly; I beg of you; if it pleases youHumble (kenjougo), See also どうぞ
  • せんがくひさい浅学非才
  • わたし
  • ではあります
  • なに何とぞ
  • みなさま皆様
  • ちから
  • たまわ賜り
  • たく
  • ここ
  • おねがいもうしあお願い申し上げる
  • しだい次第
  • です
  • I may not have much to offer in the way of learning or ability, but I want to do whatever I can for us all and humbly ask for your favor.
2. by all means; without failSee also どうぞ
Other forms
何とぞ 【なにとぞ】何卒 【なにそつ】
なにそつ: Irregular kana usage.


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