Godan verb with ku ending, intransitive verb
1. to be attached; to be connected with; to adhere; to stick; to cling
  • ボイラ
  • 湯あか
  • びっしり
  • ついた
  • The boiler was heavily scaled.
2. to remain imprinted; to scar; to stain; to dye
  • それら
  • うし
  • には
  • 焼き印
  • ついている
  • The cattle are marked with brands.
3. to bear (fruit, interest, etc.)
4. to be acquired (of a habit, ability, etc.); to increase (of strength, etc.)
  • かれ
  • つま
  • 死んで
  • いらい以来
  • さけ
  • 飲む
  • くせ
  • ついた
  • He has taken to drinking since the death of his wife.
5. to take root
6. to accompany; to attend; to follow; to study with
  • ふろ風呂
  • ついてます
  • Does it have a bathroom?
7. to side with; to belong to
  • かれ
  • その
  • とうろん討論
  • はんたいは反対派
  • 付いた
  • He sided with the opposition group in the argument.
8. to possess; to hauntSee also 憑く
9. to be lit; to be lightedSee also 点く
  • テレビ
  • 付きません
  • The TV won't turn on.
10. to be settled; to be resolved; to be decided
11. to be given (of a name, price, etc.)
12. to be sensed; to be perceived
13. to be luckyfrom 運がつく
Suffix, Godan verb with ku ending
14. to become (a state, condition, etc.)See also 付く づく, after -masu stems, onomatopoeic and mimetic words


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