Godan verb with ru ending, intransitive verb
1. to descend; to go down; to come down
  • やま
  • くだ下った
  • ところ
  • がっこう学校
  • ある
  • There is a school down the mountain.
2. to be handed down (of an order, judgment, etc.)
  • かれ
  • ちょうえき懲役
  • じゅう
  • ねん
  • にょうぼう女房
  • には
  • さんねん三年
  • けい
  • くだ下った
  • He was given ten years and his wife three.
3. to pass (of time)
4. to surrender; to capitulate
5. to be less than; to be inferior tooften in neg. form
6. to have the runs; to have diarrheaSee also 腹が下る, also written as 瀉る
7. to pass (in stool); to be discharged from the body
8. to depreciate oneself; to be humbleArchaism
Other forms
降る 【くだる】


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