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1. eye; eyeball
  • そのとおり
  • わたし
  • シャワー
  • あび浴びている
  • とき
  • せっけん石鹸
  • はい入る
  • ヒステリー
  • じょうたい状態
  • になる
  • おとこ
  • のように
  • むすめ
  • この
  • はなし
  • みぶる身震い
  • ながら
  • 言った
  • Right, I said, shivering at this recital as a man would who gets hysterical while taking a shower if a bit of soap stings his eye.
2. eyesight; sight; visionSee also 目が見える
  • みみ
  • くち
  • ふじゆう不自由
  • だった
  • Helen Keller was blind, deaf and dumb.
3. look; stare; gaze; glance
  • かれ
  • すうはい崇拝
  • かのじょ彼女
  • なが眺めた
  • He regarded her with worship in his eyes.
4. notice; attention; observation; eyes (of the world, public, etc.)
5. an experience
6. viewpoint
7. discrimination; discernment; judgement; eye (e.g. for quality)
8. appearance
9. spacing (between crossed strands of a net, mesh, etc.); opening; stitch; texture; weaveSee also 編み目
10. grain (of wood)
11. eye (of a storm, needle, etc.)
12. intersection (on a go board); square (on a chess board)
13. dot (on a dice); pip; rolled number
14. graduation; division (of a scale)
15. tooth (of a saw, comb, etc.)
16. ordinal number suffix
  • ふた2つ
  • かど
  • みぎ
  • 曲がり
  • なさい
  • Turn right at the second corner.
17. somewhat; -ishUsually written using kana alone, See also 大きめ
18. point (e.g. of change)See also 変わり目, following -masu stem
Wikipedia definition
19. EyeEyes are organs that detect light and convert it into ele... Read more
Other forms
眼 【め】
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1. effect; virtue; efficacy; impression
2. one's dominant eyeOnly applies to 利き目, Only applies to きき眼, Only applies to 利目
Other forms
利き目 【ききめ】きき眼 【ききめ】効目 【ききめ】利目 【ききめ】
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Noun, Na-adjective, No-adjective
1. nearsightedness; shortsightedness; myopia
Other forms
近眼 【ちかめ】近目 【ちかめ】
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1. naked eyeOnly applies to にくがん
  • それら
  • ほし
  • にくがん肉眼
  • 見える
  • まして
  • ぼうえんきょう望遠鏡
  • なら
  • なおさら
  • である
  • You can see the stars with your naked eye, and even better through a telescope.
2. the physical eyeBuddhist term, See also 五眼, usu. にくげん
Wikipedia definition
3. Naked eyeThe naked eye is a figure of speech referring to human vi... Read more
Other forms
肉眼 【にくげん】
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Noun, No-adjective
1. presbyopia; age-related longsightedness; farsightedness
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Noun, No-adjective
1. one eye; one of one's eyes
Other forms
かた目 【かため】片眼 【かため】
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1. aesthetic sense; sense of beauty; eye for the beautiful
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Noun, Suru verb
1. inlay (work); inlaying
Wikipedia definition
2. DamasceningDamascening is the art of inlaying different metals into ... Read more
Other forms
象眼 【ぞうがん】
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Noun, No-adjective
1. bare eyes (i.e. without glasses, contact lenses, etc.); uncorrected vision; unaided vision
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Noun, Suru verb
1. enlightenment; spiritual awakening; opening one's eyes to the truth
2. gaining eyesight; restoring eyesight; opening the eyesOnly applies to かいがん
Other forms
開眼 【かいげん】
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1. bloodshot eyes
2. (doing something in a) frenzyOnly applies to ちまなこ
Other forms
血まなこ 【ちまなこ】血眼 【ちめ】血目 【ちめ】
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1. merciful eye (of a Buddha or a bodhisattva watching humanity)Buddhist term
Other forms
慈眼 【じがん】
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Expression, Noun
1. eye of a typhoon
Wikipedia definition
2. Eye (cyclone)The eye is a region of mostly calm weather at the center ... Read more
Other forms
台風の眼 【たいふうのめ】
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11 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 5.
Kun: まなこ
On: ガン ゲン
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まなこ 【眼】
Female given name
1. Manako
めさき 【眼】
Family or surname
1. Mesaki
しろいめ 【白い眼】
Unclassified name
1. Shiroime
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