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Noun, Suru verb, No-adjective
1. rumour; rumor; report; hearsay; gossip; common talk
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2. RumorA rumor or rumour is often viewed as "an unverified accou... Read more
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Noun, Suru verb
1. gossip
Other forms
噂話し 【うわさばなし】うわさ話 【うわさばなし】
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Expression, Godan verb with ku ending
1. to hear a rumor; to get wind of
Other forms
うわさを聞く 【うわさをきく】
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1. speak of the devilProverb, See also 噂をすれば影が射す
  • うわさをすればかげ噂をすれば影
  • 、キャシー
  • 来た
  • Speak of the devil, here comes Kathy.
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1. rumor that appears to be quite true (rumour)
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Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally
1. living up to one's reputation
Other forms
噂にたがわぬ 【うわさにたがわぬ】うわさに違わぬ 【うわさにたがわぬ】
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1. speak of the devil and he shall appear; speak rumours of someone and they shall appearProverb
Other forms
噂をすれば影がさす 【うわさをすればかげがさす】
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Expression, Godan verb with tsu ending
1. to have a rumor circulating
Other forms
うわさが立つ 【うわさがたつ】
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Expression, Ichidan verb
1. to have rumors going around (rumours); to have rumors spreadSee also 噂を流す
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Expression, Godan verb with su ending
1. to spread rumors; to spread rumours
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Kanji — 1 found

15 strokes. Jinmeiyō kanji.
rumor, gossip, hearsay
Kun: うわさ
On: ソン
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  • 75048
    • じつ実は
    • おお大きな
    • こえ
    • 言えません
    • ここ
    • さいきん最近
    • この
    • ビーチ
    • わか若い
    • じょせい女性
    • とうさつ盗撮
    • された
    • うわさ
    • ある
    • んです
    Actually, and I need to keep this quiet, but recently here there's a rumour that young women on this beach are having photos taken in secret of them. Tatoeba
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うわさ 【噂】
Family or surname
1. Uwasa