1. opposite side; bottom; other side; side hidden from view; undersurface; reverse sideAntonym: 表 おもて
  • くつ
  • うら
  • ガム
  • こびりつい
  • ちゃった
  • There's gum stuck to the back of my shoe.
2. rear; back; behind
  • いえ
  • うら
  • ひろ広い
  • にわ
  • あった
  • There was a large garden behind the house.
3. lining; inside
  • ふこう不幸
  • うら
  • には
  • さいわ幸い
  • あり
  • Every cloud has a silver lining.
4. in the shadows; behind the scenes; offstage; behind one's back
  • うら
  • から
  • まわ回して
  • くれる
  • He can pull strings for you.
5. more (to something than meets the eye); hidden side (e.g. of one's personality); unknown circumstances; different side
6. proofSee also 裏付け
7. opposite (of a prediction, common sense, etc.); contrarySee also 裏をかく
8. inverse (of a hypothesis, etc.)
9. bottom (of an inning); last half (of an inning)Baseball term, Antonym: 表 おもて


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