1. feather; plume; down
  • りっぱ立派な
  • はね
  • りっぱ立派な
  • とり
  • つくる
  • Fine feathers make fine birds.
2. wing
  • ふか深い
  • きず
  • 負った
  • ことり小鳥
  • 見つけました
  • I found a bird whose wing was severely damaged.
3. blade (of a fan, propeller, etc.)Only applies to はね
4. shuttlecock (in badminton)Only applies to はね, See also シャトル
5. shuttlecock (in hanetsuki)Only applies to 羽根, See also 羽子 はご, also written as 羽子
6. arrow feathersOnly applies to 羽根, See also 矢羽 やばね
Wikipedia definition
7. Flügel
Other forms
羽根 【はね】羽 【は】


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