1. tirthika; non-Buddhist teachings; non-BuddhistBuddhist term, See also 内道
2. heterodoxy; unorthodoxy; heresy; heretic
3. demon; devil; fiend; brute; wretchoft. used as a pejorative
4. type of fish one did not intend to catch
Full name
5. Gedou
Wikipedia definition
6. TirthikaTirthika is a general term referring to adherents of non-Buddhist philosophies and religions. Whereas a Buddhist takes refuge in the Three Jewels and treads the middle way between extremes, a Tirthika does not. According to the Asoka Avadhana, the Tithikas that were jealous of Asoka's preaching of Buddhism gathered together and said to each other, "Should this king Asoka continue a worshiper of Budda, all other persons encouraged by him would likewise become followers of Buddha.
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