1. katsuobushi; small pieces of sliced dried bonitoFood term
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2. Katsuobushi, also known as okaka is the Japanese name for dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis, sometimes referred to as bonito). Shaved Katsuobushi and dried kelp - kombu - are the main ingredients of dashi, a broth that forms the basis of many soups and sauces (e.g. , soba no tsukejiru) in Japanese cuisine. Katsuobushi's distinct umami flavor comes from its high inosinic acid content.
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Other forms
かつお節 【かつおぶし】勝男武士 【かつおぶし】カツオ節 【カツオぶし】鰹節 【かつぶし】
勝男武士: Ateji (phonetic) reading.


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