9 strokes
fly, skip (pages), scatter
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 4
JLPT level N3
580 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 飛 【ヒ】 rook, fly ball
  • 飛球 【ヒキュウ】 fly (ball)
  • 犠飛 【ギヒ】 sacrifice fly
  • 中飛 【チュウヒ】 center fly, centre fly

Kun reading compounds

  • 飛ぶ 【とぶ】 to fly, to soar, to jump, to leap, to spring, to bound, to hop, to spatter, to scatter, to splash, to fly (e.g. of sparks), to hurry, to rush, to flee, to run off, to escape, to disappear, to vanish, to fade, to thin out, to break off, to come off, to fall off, to blow (of a fuse), to be sent out (of an order), to fly (of false rumours, catcalls, etc.), to come flying (of a punch, kick, etc.), to be missing (of a page, stitch, etc.), to skip, to jump (e.g. of a conversation)
  • 飛ぶ鳥 【とぶとり】 flying bird, soaring bird
  • 飛ばす 【とばす】 to let fly, to make fly, to send flying, to blow off (e.g. in the wind), to launch, to fire, to hurl, to shoot, to skip over, to leave out, to omit, to drop (e.g. a stitch), to run fast, to drive fast, to gallop, to spray, to splash, to spatter, to say without reservation, to call out (e.g. a jeer), to rattle off (e.g. a joke), to spread (e.g. a rumour), to circulate, to send out (a message), to issue (e.g. an appeal), to transfer (to a less important post), to send away (e.g. to a provincial branch), to demote, to dispatch quickly (e.g. a reporter), to get rid of, to burn off (alcohol), to attack (e.g. with a leg manoeuvre), to do vigorously, to do roughly, to do energetically


Japanese names:
あす、 とび
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • volar
  • omitir


  • voar
  • pular (páginas)
  • dispersar


  • voler
  • sauter (une page)
  • répandre
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