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Noun, Suru verb
1. national isolation; closing the country (to foreigners)See also 開国
2. sakoku; policy of national isolation enacted by the Tokugawa shogunateHistorical term
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3. Sakokuwas the foreign relations policy of Japan under which no ... Read more
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Godan verb with 'su' ending, Transitive verb
1. to shut; to close; to fasten; to lock
Godan verb with 'su' ending, Transitive verb
2. to block (a street, entrance, etc.)
  • にほん日本
  • べいいちば米市場
  • ゆにゅう輸入
  • にたいに対し
  • 閉ざされている
Japan's rice market is closed to imports.
Godan verb with 'su' ending, Transitive verb
3. to shut in (with snow, ice, etc.); to shut off; to cut off; to cover (e.g. in darkness)usu. in the passive
  • みずうみ
  • こおり
  • 閉ざされた
The lake was bound in ice.
Godan verb with 'su' ending, Transitive verb
4. to consume (with negative feelings); to fill (e.g. with sadness); to bury (e.g. in grief)usu. in the passive
Other forms
鎖す 【とざす】
鎖す: Rarely-used kanji form.
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1. collarbone; clavicle
Wikipedia definition
2. ClavicleIn human anatomy, the clavicle or collar bone is a long b... Read more
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こつどうみゃく 鎖骨下動脈
1. subclavian artery
Wikipedia definition
2. Subclavian arteryIn human anatomy, the subclavian arteries are two major a... Read more
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しきごうぶつ 鎖式化合物
1. open-chain compound; acyclic compoundChemistry
Wikipedia definition
2. Open-chain compoundIn chemistry, an open-chain compound (also spelled as ope... Read more
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Noun, Noun which may take the genitive case particle 'no'
1. chainlike
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じょうごうぶつ 鎖状化合物
1. open-chain compound; acyclic compoundChemistry, See also 鎖式化合物
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1. to shut; to close; to lock; to fastenFormal or literary term, See also 差す
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Kanji — 1 found

18 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
chain, irons, connection
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  • jreibun/9773/2
    • ふしょうじ不祥事
    • から
    • いちじ一時
    • 閉鎖されていた劇場が体制を
    • いっしん一新して
    • ようやく再開されることになった。観客はもちろんアーティストたちもひとまず
    • あんど安堵
    • している。
    The theater, which has been temporarily closed due to management scandals, will finally open with a revised management structure in place. Audiences and artists alike are relieved. Jreibun
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さき 【鎖姫】
Female given name
1. Saki
さきこ 【鎖鬼呼】
Female given name
1. Sakiko
さぐもでら 【鎖雲寺】
Unclassified name
1. Sagumodera
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