12 strokes (also 11)
walk 辵 (辶, ⻌, ⻍)
overdo, exceed, go beyond, error
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 5
JLPT level N3
285 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 過 【カ】 surplus-, excess-, over-, per- (chemical with more of a certain element than found in other compounds of the same constituents)
  • 過激 【カゲキ】 extreme (measure, idea, etc.), radical, violent (language), strenuous (exercise, work, etc.), excessive, (physically) demanding
  • 看過 【カンカ】 overlooking, turning a blind eye
  • 輸出超過 【ユシュツチョウカ】 excess of exports

Kun reading compounds

  • 過ぎる 【すぎる】 to pass through, to pass by, to go beyond, to pass (of time), to elapse, to have expired, to have ended, to be over, to exceed, to surpass, to be above, to be no more than ..., to be excessive, to be too much, to be too ...
  • 過ごす 【すごす】 to spend (time), to pass, to lead (a life), to live, to overdo (esp. alcohol consumption), to drink (alcohol), to carry too far, to carry to excess, to take care of, to support, to overdo, to do too much, to ... without acting on it, to ... without getting involved
  • 過ち 【あやまち】 fault, error, indiscretion, faux pas
  • 過ちて改めざるこれを過ちという 【あやまちてあらためざるこれをあやまちという】 a man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it is committing another mistake
  • 過つ 【あやまつ】 to err
  • 過ぎる 【よぎる】 to go by, to cross, to pass by, to flash across
  • 過ぎる 【よぎる】 to go by, to cross, to pass by, to flash across


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
guo4, guo1


  • pasar
  • extralimitarse
  • exceder
  • fallo
  • error
  • traspasar
  • fallar


  • sobrepujar
  • exceder
  • ir além de
  • erro


  • passer
  • dépasser
  • excéder
  • erreur
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