10 strokes (also 9)
walk 辵 (辶, ⻌, ⻍)
traffic, pass through, avenue, commute, counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2
JLPT level N4
80 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 通 【ツウ】 connoisseur, authority, counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.
  • 通院 【ツウイン】 going to the hospital for regular treatment
  • 富士通 【フジツウ】 Fujitsu
  • 食通 【ショクツウ】 gourmandism, gourmet, gourmand, foodie
  • 通 【ツウ】 connoisseur, authority, counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.
  • 通院 【ツウイン】 going to the hospital for regular treatment

Kun reading compounds

  • 通る 【とおる】 to go by, to go past, to go along, to travel along, to pass through, to use (a road), to take (a route), to go via, to go by way of, to run (between; of a rail service, bus route, etc.), to operate (between), to connect, to go indoors, to go into a room, to be admitted, to be shown in, to be ushered in, to come in, to penetrate, to pierce, to skewer, to go through, to come through, to permeate, to soak into, to spread throughout, to carry (e.g. of a voice), to reach far, to be passed on (e.g. of a customer's order to the kitchen), to be relayed, to be conveyed, to pass (a test, a bill in the House, etc.), to be approved, to be accepted, to go by (a name), to be known as, to be accepted as, to have a reputation for, to be coherent, to be logical, to be reasonable, to be comprehensible, to be understandable, to make sense, to get across (e.g. of one's point), to be understood, to pass for, to come across as, to seem like, to be straight (e.g. wood grain), to be well-informed, to be wise, to do ... completely, to do ... thoroughly
  • 通り 【とおり】 avenue, street, way, road, coming and going, street traffic, flow (of water, air, etc.), transmission (of sound), reach (e.g. of voice), fame, reputation, popularity, the same status or way, as (e.g. as expected, as I said), understanding, comprehension, counter for sets of things, counter for methods, ways, types
  • 通り過ぎる 【とおりすぎる】 to go past, to pass, to pass by
  • 通す 【とおす】 to stick through, to force through, to spread throughout, to thoroughly diffuse, to make a path between two points, to proceed in a logical manner, to let pass, to allow through, to lead (someone) into (a house, room, etc.), to show in, to go through (a middleman), to (look, listen) through (a window, wall, etc.), to pass (a law, applicant, etc.), to force to accept, to force agreement, to continue (in a state), to persist in, to do to the entirety of, to cover all of, to span the whole ..., to do from beginning to end without a break, to convey (one's ideas, etc.) to the other party, to do to the end, to carry through, to complete
  • 通し 【とおし】 continuing from beginning to end, continuous run, consecutive run, appetizer, starter, hors d'oeuvre, performance of an entire play
  • 通し切符 【とおしきっぷ】 through ticket (e.g. rail, air), ticket good for multiple performances (e.g. both matinee and evening shows), all-day ticket, season ticket
  • 切通し 【きりどおし】 road (or railway) cut through hilly terrain, cutting
  • 通う 【かよう】 to go to and from (a place), to go back and forth between, to run between (e.g. bus, train, etc.), to ply between, to go to (school, work, etc.), to attend, to commute, to frequent, to circulate (e.g. blood, electricity), to be communicated (e.g. thought), to resemble


Japanese names:
とん、 どうし、 どおり、 みち
tong1, tong4


  • atravesar
  • traspasar
  • hacer saber
  • pasar
  • ir y venir


  • tráfego
  • passar através de
  • avenida
  • comutar
  • sufixo para contagem de letras


  • circulation
  • passer par
  • avenue
  • trajet (travail)
  • compteur de lettres, notes, ...
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