14 strokes
hear, ask, listen
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2
JLPT level N5
319 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 聞香 【ブンコウ】 smelling incense, savoring incense, distinguishing incense by smell, incense-smelling party
  • 聞知 【ブンチ】 learn of
  • スポーツ新聞 【スポーツシンブン】 sports newspaper
  • 壁新聞 【カベシンブン】 wall newspaper, wall poster
  • 聞香 【ブンコウ】 smelling incense, savoring incense, distinguishing incense by smell, incense-smelling party
  • 聞法 【モンボウ】 hearing the teachings of Buddha
  • 奏聞 【ソウモン】 reporting to the Emperor
  • 声聞 【ショウモン】 sravaka (disciple of Buddha), adherent of Hinayana Buddhism

Kun reading compounds

  • 聞く 【きく】 to hear, to listen (e.g. to music), to ask, to enquire, to query, to learn of, to hear about, to follow (advice), to comply with, to smell (esp. incense), to sample fragrance
  • 聞くだけ野暮 【きくだけやぼ】 asking would be rude, tasteless question
  • 聞こえる 【きこえる】 to be heard, to be audible, to be said to be, to be reputed


wen2, wen4


  • preguntar
  • escuchar
  • rumor
  • reputación
  • oír


  • escutar
  • perguntar
  • escuta


  • entendre
  • écouter
  • demander
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