10 strokes
silk 糸 (糹)
settlement, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6
JLPT level N1
987 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 納税 【ノウゼイ】 payment of taxes
  • 納金 【ノウキン】 payment
  • 未納 【ミノウ】 payment default, overdue on a payment
  • 上納 【ジョウノウ】 payment to the government
  • 納得 【ナットク】 consent, agreement, acceptance, understanding, satisfaction (e.g. with an explanation), being convinced
  • 納豆 【ナットウ】 natto (fermented soybeans)
  • 納得 【ナットク】 consent, agreement, acceptance, understanding, satisfaction (e.g. with an explanation), being convinced
  • 納豆 【ナットウ】 natto (fermented soybeans)
  • 納戸 【ナンド】 storage room, storeroom, closet, grayish blue
  • 納戸色 【ナンドイロ】 grayish blue, greyish blue
  • 出納 【スイトウ】 receipts and expenditure (disbursements)

Kun reading compounds

  • 収める 【おさめる】 to put (into), to put away (in), to put back (in), to keep (in), to store (in), to restore (to its place), to include (in an anthology, catalogue, etc.), to contain, to publish (in), to capture (on film), to achieve (results, success, etc.), to obtain, to get, to gain, to win, to make (a profit), to pay (fees, taxes, etc.), to deliver, to supply, to accept (a gift or money), to keep (within a limit), to offer (to a shrine, deity, etc.), to dedicate, to subdue, to suppress, to settle, to finish, to conclude, to wind up, to bring to a close
  • 収まる 【おさまる】 to fit into (a box, frame, category, etc.), to be contained within, to fall within (e.g. a budget), to settle down (into), to be installed (in one's rightful place), to be returned (to one's original position), to settle into (one's position), to take up (a post), to occupy (a role), to be delivered, to be paid (e.g. taxes), to be settled (dispute, conflict, etc.), to be sorted, to subside (e.g. wind), to calm down, to abate, to be satisfied (e.g. with an answer), to consent, to agree


Japanese names:
の、 ろ
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • pagar
  • proveer
  • suministrar
  • entregar
  • finalizar
  • concluir


  • acordo
  • obtem
  • colheita
  • pagamento
  • oferta
  • loja


  • installer
  • obtenir
  • récolter
  • payer
  • réserve
  • remise
  • hangar
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