8 strokes
straightaway, honesty, frankness, fix, repair
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2
JLPT level N3
246 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 直 【チョク】 direct, honest, frank, straightforward, candid, easygoing, lighthearted, friendly, night duty, night watch, being on duty (in a factory), shift
  • 直接 【チョクセツ】 direct, immediate, personal, firsthand
  • 司直 【シチョク】 judge, judiciary, administration of justice, judicial authorities
  • 愚直 【グチョク】 simple honesty, tactless frankness
  • 直 【ジキ】 soon, in a moment, before long, shortly, nearby, close, direct, spot transaction, cash transaction
  • 直に 【ジキニ】 immediately, right away, at once, soon, shortly, in a moment, before long, easily, readily
  • 高直 【コウジキ】 expensive, valuable
  • バカ正直 【バカショウジキ】 honest to a fault, foolishly honest, naively honest
  • 直 【ジカ】 direct
  • 直に 【ジカニ】 directly, in person, firsthand

Kun reading compounds

  • 直ちに 【ただちに】 at once, immediately, right away, without delay, directly (face, lead to, etc.), automatically (mean, result in, etc.)
  • 直す 【なおす】 to repair, to mend, to fix, to correct (a mistake, bad habit, etc.), to put right, to restore, to straighten (e.g. a tie), to tidy up (one's hair, make-up, etc.), to revive (one's spirits), to change, to alter, to convert, to translate, to put back, to put away, to cure, to heal, to move up, to promote, to do over again, to redo
  • 直る 【なおる】 to get mended, to be repaired, to be fixed, to return to normal, to recover (e.g. one's temper), to be restored, to improve, to rally, to come right, to be corrected, to get put right, to be rectified, to come right, to cure (itself), to get cured, to sit properly, to be promoted, to rise, to have one's crimes forgiven
  • 直き 【なおき】 straight, upright
  • 直ぐ 【すぐ】 immediately, at once, right away, directly, soon, before long, shortly, easily, readily, without difficulty, right (near), nearby, just (handy), honest, upright, frank, straightforward
  • 直ぐに 【すぐに】 immediately, right away, at once, instantly
  • 真直ぐ 【ますぐ】 straight (ahead), direct, upright, erect, straightforward, honest, frank


Japanese names:
すぐ、 なお、 のう、 のお
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • derecho
  • recto
  • correcto
  • de inmediato
  • arreglar
  • reparar
  • arreglarse
  • repararse


  • retidão
  • honestidade
  • franqueza
  • consertar
  • reparo


  • droit devant
  • directement
  • honnêteté
  • franchise
  • réparer
  • guérir
  • tout de suite
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