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1. Sayama IncidentThe Sayama Incident is a murder case named after Sayama C... Read more
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1. Sayama Teais a type of green tea leaves produced mainly in the sout... Read more
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1. Sayama DomainThe Sayama Domain was a Japanese domain of the Edo period... Read more
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9 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
cramped, narrow, contract, tight
On: キョウ コウ
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3 strokes. JLPT N5. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 1.
Kun: やま
On: サン セン
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さやま 【狭山】
Place, Family or surname
1. Sayama
さやまがおかえき 【狭山ヶ丘駅】
Train station
1. Sayamagaoka Station
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2. Sayamagaoka StationSayamagaoka Station is a railway station in Tokorozawa, S... Read more
さやまがおか 【狭山ケ丘】
Unclassified name
1. Sayamagaoka
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