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1. winter daphne (Daphne odora)
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2. Daphne odoraDaphne odora (Winter daphne) is an evergreen shrub, grown... Read more
Other forms
沈丁花 【ちんちょうげ】沈丁花 【ぢんちょうげ】ジンチョウゲチンチョウゲヂンチョウゲ
ぢんちょうげ: Irregular kana usage. ヂンチョウゲ: Irregular kana usage.
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1. agarwood; aloeswood; gharuwood; eaglewood; agalloch; agallochum
2. aquilaria tree; lign aloes
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3. AgarwoodAgarwood or oodh (or just agar) is a dark resinous heartw... Read more
Other forms
沈香 【じんこ】
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じんこう 沈香
Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
1. having few faults as well as few virtues; not burning agarwood (incense); not passing windIdiomatic expression
Other forms
沈香も焚かず屁もひらず 【じんこうもたかずへもひらず】
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7 strokes. JLPT N2. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
sink, be submerged, subside, be depressed, aloes
On: チン ジン
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  • 125723
    • ちんもく沈黙
    • ぶきみ不気味に
    • かん感じる
    • アメリカじんアメリカ人
    • おお多く
    • かいわ会話
    • ちゅう
    • ちんもく沈黙
    • 起こる
    • それ
    • はな話し
    • はじ始め
    • なければならない
    • あいず合図
    • かんが考える
    • けいこう傾向
    • ある
    Many Americans are uncomfortable with silence, and they tend to regard silence in a conversation as a signal that they need to start talking. Tatoeba
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